Health threats for the 21st century

Symptoms include high temperature, diarrhea, and several bleeding.

Malaria, which is responsible for a million deaths every year worldwide, is emerging in new areas or coming back in places where it was thought to be eradicated. Experts believe the parasite that covers the disease is becoming more resistant to some of the most common treatments.

Cholera is also making a comeback, according to the WHO. Poor sanitation and unclean drinking water are the main causes for outbreaks. War, conflict and natural disasters in troubled areas such as the Rwanda crisis of 1994 are often responsible for the emergence of cholera.

Tuberculosis accounts for about 1.5 million deaths worldwide this year. While antibiotic therapies are often effective treatments, many people do not have access to them. Another concern is the increasing resistance of bacterium which causes TB to antibiotics.

Sources: WHO, Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants, BBC

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