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Election Promises

The federal budget will be tabled on March 22, 2016. CARP is calling on the newly elected government to keep its election promises to older Canadians. Add your voice as CARP holds the government’s feet to the fire to take action on its election promises in the upcoming federal budget.

Watch Justin Trudeau announce his election promises at CARP’s headquarters before CARP members.

CARP is calling on the government to take action on its election promises in the 2016 federal budget. In particular, CARP is calling on the government to:

  • Restore OAS age eligibility from 67 back to 65
  • Increase the GIS (Guaranteed Income Supplement) for single low-income seniors
  • Enhance the Canada Pension Plan to provide greater retirement security
  • Extend caregiver benefits to more caregivers (including caregivers caring for those who are seriously ill and not only those who are terminally ill) and provide greater flexibility by allowing the six months of benefits to be claimed in blocks over the course of a year-long period
  • Invest $3 billion in home care services
  • Introduce new seniors’ price index for OAS and GIS recipients

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    How will specific promises help you or someone you care about if they appear in the upcoming budget. For example, if you are a caregiver for a sick spouse or family member, tell us how extended compassionate care benefits will help you care for a loved one. CARP wants to hear your story.

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    Full List of Election Promises


    The federal government made election promises to older Canadians to eliminate senior poverty, create retirement security, and improve healthcare. CARP will keep the government’s feet to the fire so that they fulfil their promises.
    Full list of the federal government’s election promises to older Canadians includes:

    Improve Financial Security for Older Canadians

    • Lower the age of OAS eligibility from 67 back to 65
    • Meet provincial leaders within three months after election to discuss expanding CPP
    • Increase GIS benefits for single low-income seniors by $920 annually
    • Introduce a Seniors’ Index for OAS and GIS to reflect true increases to cost of living for seniors

    Support Excellent Healthcare for Older Canadians

    • Negotiate a new Health Accord with provinces and territories, with a long-term funding agreement
    • Develop a pan-Canadian collaboration on health innovation
    • Make high-quality mental health services more accessible
    • Join with provincial and territorial governments to buy drugs in bulk, reduce the cost governments pay for drugs, and make necessary prescription medication more affordable
    • Base eligibility for compassionate care benefits for caregivers on serious illness rather than a terminal diagnosis
    • Allow six months of compassionate care benefits to be claimed in blocks over the course of a year-long period
    • Invest $3 billion to deliver home care services such as palliative care, financial supports for family care, and home caregivers

    Support Veterans

    • Re-establish lifelong pensions as an option for injured veterans, and increase the value of disability award
    • Invest $25 million per year to make the Permanent Impairment Allowance more accessible
    • Provide greater education and training for families who are providing care and support to veterans living with health issues
    • Increase the veteran survivor’s pension amount from 50% to 70%
    • Eliminate the “marriage after 60” clawback clause so surviving spouses of veterans receive pensions and health benefits
    • Double funding to the Last Post Fund to ensure all veterans receive a dignified burial
    • Re-open nine Veterans Affairs service offices

    Improve Seniors Housing and Access to Services

    • Invest $20 billion in infrastructure including seniors’ residences, rent-geared-to-income housing,
    • Restore Canada Post’s door-to-door home mail delivery service
    • Refurbishment of existing homes and facilities

    Change doesn’t happen by accident. Take action or donate to CARP to ensure the government addresses the needs of Canadians as we age.

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