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Susan Eng interview about ‘age as income gap’ on Straight Talk with Jerry Agar

Susan Interview with Jerry Agar Sept 29, 2014

Below is an interview segment, in which Susan Eng VP of Advocacy at CARP, host Jerry Agar and Sun News contributor discuss recent research suggesting that age is contributing to Canada’s income gap. Susan says that the wage gap increased over time and is associated with the current state of economy rather than age.

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Doing more for seniors


Premier Christy Clark was in the Okanagan this week to celebrate seniors in our community. “One in four British Columbians is going to be seniors by 2030. I know as a government we have to be forward thinking,” says Clark who notes the government preparing for the future. “How do we accommodate that in our aging society? Building codes need to be changed … Read more

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Premier Says BC Needs to Get More Senior-Friendly


BC has to prepare for more seniors. That was one message from Premier Christy Clark who spoke to the Canadian Association of Retired Persons Okanagan Chapter at Vernon’s Sparkling Hill Resort. “Building codes need to be changed and looked at, and the way we operate traffic and stop lights needs to be looked at, same as sidewalks and accessibility,” says Clark. … Read more

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CARP Okanagan Chapter National Seniors Day Global News Coverage

Global Okanagan news screen grab audience
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Premier visits Vernon to celebrate seniors


Premier Christy Clark talks to Rita Milne at the Canadian Association of Retired Persons’ National Seniors Day celebration Wednesday at Sparkling Hill Resort. No one’s getting any younger, herself included, Premier Christy Clark admitted as she celebrated National Seniors Day in Vernon Wednesday. In fact: “By 2030, one in four British Columbians will be a senior, including me,” said Clark … Read more

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FOCUS ON SENIORS: Seniors vote for reasonable candidates

Profit sharing: I'll cast my vote for that!

Former councillor, CARP president cites taxes, services as key municipal issues Most seniors just want a reasonable municipal government, not a perfect one. “We’ve given up on the idea of perfect government,” said Andy Woodburn, chair of the Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) Brantford chapter Woodburn said most seniors want a local council to provide the services they need, … Read more

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The Feds Are Failing Canada’s Seniors

seniors accounts portfolio

  At the 2014 Council of the Federation meeting in Charlottetown, PEI, provincial and territorial premiers, once again called for a National Plan on seniors’ health care; nor were they the only ones ‎advocating this. The Canadian Medical Association (CMA), the Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP), the Canadian Health Coalition (CHC), and the Canadian Association of Retired Teachers (CART) have been vocal about the need for … Read more

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CARP’s Flags Raised Across the Country

CARP-Cake-CHristy Clarke-Flag Raising

Happy National Seniors Day! On October 1st 2014, CARP Chapters across the country raised CARP flags at their city halls and in their communities to celebrate National Seniors Day. Many chapters invited their local elected leaders and representatives to join the flag raising events to recognize the valuable contributions of older Canadians and the need to improve the quality of … Read more

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Groups look for ways to protect seniors


By: Darren MacDonald – Sudbury Northern Life Sep 30, 2014 To address the problem of seniors being scammed by unscrupulous sales people, local and national groups are looking for ways to get the message out to seniors that they have rights, and they shouldn’t be ashamed to admit they have signed something they shouldn’t. Older people falling prey to unscrupulous sales … Read more

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Over 65 and going strong: Baby boomers are reinventing old age


Seniors entering retirement age want to play hard — and are determined to look and feel good while they’re doing it. BY PAUL LUKE, THE PROVINCE SEPTEMBER 29, 2014 NUMBERS OF SENIORS IN WORKFORCE HAS DOUBLED Susan Eng, vice-president for advocacy at the Canadian Association for Retired Persons (CARP), says the number of seniors in Canada’s workforce doubled from 300,000 to … Read more

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