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Susan Eng interview with Jerry Agar on ‘Straight Talk with Jerry Agar’

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Jerry Agar, host of ‘Straight Talk with Jerry Agar’ interviews CARP’s Susan Eng, discussing how Canada’s aging population is becoming more diverse and concentrating in four Western provinces. Susan provides reasons for why such trends are taking place and speaks about dominant issues such as access to healthcare, pharmacare, workforce participation and saving for one’s pension.      

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Dr. Michael Gordon and Susan Eng speak about Decision Makers, Decision-Making and Dementia


Radio show, Family Caregivers Unite hosted by Dr. Gordon Atherley featured a discussion with Susan Eng and Dr. Michael Gordon about roles and responsibilities of specialist physicians, the mental healthcare and criminal justice systems, families and family caregivers as decision-makers involved with dementia, and the challenges that confront these decision-makers in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities. They say what more they … Read more

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Jane Brown and Susan Eng discuss how to save lives and healthcare dollars

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Shows Hosts Schedule What Was That Song? Videos Blogs Contests Podcasts A Money for Life Conversation Chris Robinson Travel Show Dave’s Corner Garage From a Woman’s Perspective Goldhawk Fights Back The Conspiracy Show The Garden Show The Natural Health Show Zoomer Week in Review MEDICATION REVIEWS BY PHARMACISTS WOULD SAVE LIVES AND HEALTHCARE DOLLARS: CARP Posted on August 26, 2014 … Read more

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Pharmacists Can Help Control Chronic Diseases That Account for 70 Per Cent Of Deaths In Canada

Pharmacists Can Help Control Chronic Diseases That Account for 70 Per Cent Of Deaths In Canada

New report outlines how pharmacists can save up to $1.9 billion, managing these conditions is a government priority Toronto, Ontario – September 4, 2013 – The increasing prevalence of complex chronic diseases is one of the most important health issues facing Canadians, making prevention and management a key priority for Canadian governments. According to a new report, expanding the role … Read more

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Report builds case for expanding med reviews

Shoppers Pharmacist

 This article published by the Canadian Health Care Network on August 26th, 2014, offers a good coverage of the Shopper’s Drugmart/CARP report issued in late august.  The report received rather extensive media coverage – this piece offers one of the best reviews of the report itself.  Document from Shoppers Drug Mart and CARP calls for comprehensive, universal approach to service. … Read more

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Canada doesn’t have your back: Free health care only goes so far, especially for some seniors

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Patty Randall began caring for her 80-something parents in the 1990s. For the next decade, she learned the limits of the Canada Health Act and the merits of advanced care planning. Flying from her home in Vancouver to her parents’ place in Kelowna, B.C., for a week each month, she was both the long-distance care manager and hands-on caregiver. “We … Read more

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CARP calls for national senior care strategy, with or without Ottawa


Editor’s Note: CARP was mentioned in the Queen’s Park Briefing for August 26th, 2014.  Click here to find out more about the Queen’s Park Briefing. It offers a lengthy discussion of CARP’s perspective: What does Canada need to make a countrywide strategy to care for an aging population? Ten premiers in agreement and not much else, according to CARP, an … Read more

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Despite OAS eligibility shift, record expenditures by 2033: Chief Actuary

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Editor’s Note: On August 29th, 2014 iPolitics published a story about the new Parliamentary Budget Officer’s latest report.  The 12th triennial report of the chief acturay was tabled in the House of Commons in late August.  It states that the expected expenditures on OAS as a percentage of GDP will surpass the record high reached in the 1990s in less … Read more

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Canadian Healthcare Needs to Tackle Dementia


Editor’s Note: Susan Eng’s latest column for the Huffington Post was published on September 8th, 2014.  You may read it as well as Susan’s past columns via the Huffington Post website. News that Spirit of the West vocalist, John Mann, has early onset Alzheimer’s is the latest in a series of wake up calls that Canada needs to get ready … Read more

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Medically assisted suicide, Interview with CARP’s Susan Eng

Susan Eng Toronto Star

Canada’s doctors say they’re grappling with the challenges of meeting the needs of patients at end of life.  The quality of end of life care was the focus of a conversation this morning as the annual meeting of the Canadian Medical Association continues in Ottawa. CARP VP of advocacy Susan Eng was in the meeting and told AM 740/Classical 96.3FM … Read more

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