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CARP Inter-generational Poll Report

May 13, 2016

Key Findings September 24, 2015: Virtually all members have children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren, ...


CARP Financial Issues/RRSP Poll Report

May 13, 2016

Key Findings March 5, 2015: Almost all members have tax-sheltered savings, split equally between RRSPs and RRIFs, and ...


Message on pension reform from Wanda Morris, VP of Advocacy and COO at CARP

April 27, 2016

For many Canadians, retirement doesn’t live up to the promises in the cruise brochures. That’s because many of us ...


CARP is looking to work with provincial governments to make waves of change!

April 27, 2016

Manitoba and Saskatchewan are on the move and CARP is excited and looking forward to working with newly elected ...

Ontario Government’s ORPP Announcement: Good but not Great

April 14, 2016

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 14, 2016 Toronto, ON: CARP supports the Ontario Government’s action ...

Canadians Facing Looming Retirement Crisis

March 24, 2016

Increasing poverty among seniors has turned a spotlight on the issue of financial security for retired ...

OAS victory for CARP

March 21, 2016

Hours after Canadians were blindsided by Prime Minister Harper's announced changes to Old Age Security on January 25th ...

CARP support Federal Government’s action to reverse OAS age eligibility back to 65 and looks forward to Federal Budget to claim more victories

March 18, 2016

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 18, 2016 Toronto, ON - CARP welcomes Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's ...


Keep Governments Feet to the Fire

March 3, 2016

Will Prime Minister Justin Trudeau keep his election promises?   On ...


Ontario Budget: CARP welcomes Ontario’s investments in health care but disappointed in increase to drug costs for seniors

February 25, 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Feb 25, 2016 Toronto, ON – CARP welcomes the Ontario Government’s investments in home ...