New driving test for seniors lauded by Sudbury CARP chapter

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From CBC News Sudbury The head of the Sudbury chapter of CARP, a lobby group that promotes the rights for the aging population, says changes to how seniors renew their drivers licence are positive. As of April 21, drivers aged 80 and older will no longer have to do a written knowledge test, the province said. Instead, the seniors will … Read more

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CARP Challenges Screen Testing of BC’s Senior Drivers

Bruce Bird, the CARP Chair of North Fraser Chapter is taking the lead on an important issue for senior drivers. The laws in B.C. are unfair and the B.C. CARP chapters are uniting in eliminating the Simard computer screen testing for those drivers over 80 who fail the medical test with their doctor. Below is a copy of Bruce’s letter … Read more

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Ageism at heart of B.C. driving rules – North Fraser Chapter Chair Bruce Bird

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Ageism shows up in many aspects of seniors’ lives, including condescension, arbitrary rules of retirement and a general attitude of treating seniors as less than equal. Unfortunately, ageism also manifests itself in B.C. driving rules for seniors. When B.C. drivers reach age 80, they are mandated to have a medical examination to determine their fitness to drive. According to the … Read more

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Ontario changes the Senior Driver Renewal Program

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The Ontario Ministry of Transportation is changing its senior driver’s licence renewal program for drivers over the age of 80. It was announced on January 28, 2014 that the new program promises to help seniors who are able to drive renew their licences in a less onerous while way while also addressing general road safety concerns. Starting April 21, 2014, … Read more

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Zoomers at AutoShow

ZoomerNew Videographer Darrin Maharaj, visits the 2013 Toronto International Autoshow, to check out the latest Zoomer-Friendly vehicles.

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CARP fights higher auto insurance rates for older Ontario drivers


        Older drivers in this province could be facing higher premiums because of their age.  But CARP – a New Vision of Aging – is encouraging elderly motorists to fight back This article was written on March 1st, 2013 by Jane Brown of AM740 who sat down with Susan Eng, to discuss the implications of this Ontario … Read more

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CARP’s open letter to Ontario Transport Minister to end outdated licensing protocols that unfairly target older drivers

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        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 26, 2013  CARP calls on Ontario Transport Minister to end outdated licensing protocols that unfairly target older drivers and introduce remedial driver training: open letter  Toronto, ON: CARP urges the Ontario Minister of Transportation, Glen Murray, to expedite work in modernizing how it treats older drivers by establishing new policies and protocols … Read more

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Anonymous tip line to ‘rat out’ unfit elderly motorists unfairly targets seniors, critic says

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In what a seniors advocate calls unfair targetting of older people, Sudbury police are urging residents to anonymously report elderly motorists they feel are no longer fit to drive. “If [someone] is really erratic, sure, rat people out. The thing is, that’s not what’s happening here. This is targeting older people,” Susan Eng, vice president for advocacy at the Canadian … Read more

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Susan Eng talks “Snitch Line” on Goldhawk Fights Back


On January 21st, 2013 – Susan Eng, vice-president of Advocacy at CARP was invited to do a segment for AM740′s Goldhawk Fights Back to discuss  the Sudbury Crimestoppers program that invites people to turn in senior drivers they believe should not be on the roads.  To listen to Susan’s chat with Dale Goldhawk about the “snitch line”, please click here. … Read more

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Sudbury Snitch Line to Report Older Drivers


People in Sudbury are being encouraged to use Crimestoppers to report older drivers; police then show up at the home of the driver and counsel the driver to get tested or give up their licence This initiative is targeted at family members who want to get the older driver off the road but don’t want to confront him/her themselves There … Read more

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