CARP's focus has always been the well-being of Canadians as we age. Now CARP is helping you to take charge of your own well-being with CARP Health 360 - your personalized online support tool that's designed to simplify your health-care needs. CARP members have free access to their personalized online support tool designed to simplify all your health care needs. Here you find our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Visit CARP.ca/health360 and watch our Introduction Video. See what CARP Health 360 looks like and how it will work for you.

Before you start, make sure you are registered at my.CARP.ca. With your email and password credentials, you can access CARP Health 360 via:
1. The sign-in button at the CARP.ca/health360, or
2. The sign-in button within the my.CARP.ca portal (coming soon)
Once you are in the portal, please complete steps 1 - 3, to set up the CARP Health 360 portal for your personal use.

(1) Step 1: Set up your profile (add your name and address etc.)
(2) Step 2; Add your emergency information
(3) Step 3: Add your care team (your most important personal contacts, your medical professionals, your medical facilities)

Once you completed Step 1 - 3 you can complete your health information. Your health related information should include your prescriptions (what medications do you take?), what ongoing conditions you have (high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma…), allergies and, if known, immunizations.

As you get more familiar with how the tool works, you can start to schedule appointments, set reminders and retrieve your records.

If you want to save time: We do everything for you! If you choose the JUMPSTART - Full Service Profile Setup and Record Retrieval Package we will call you at a convenient time. Based on the health information you share with us on the phone, we set up your profile for you. We also request all your records on your behalf. You can find further information about this service here. To sign up for this optional service, please go in your personal CARP Health profile to Paid Services.

Your privacy is our number one priority. CARP Health 360 technology is as safe and secure as online banking. Any of your personal information which CARP Health 360 collects via this site is subject to the our Privacy Policy.

CARP Health 360 operates with numerous safeguards to ensure the privacy of your personal information. The portal meets government regulations for security and privacy. We use industry-leading encryption technologies for all data (used by major banks) to secure your information. In case of a breach, data would be unreadable. We continuously upgrade our systems to ensure that we are always adhering to the most current standards.

We will remind you when your additional services are up with at least 30 days' notice. You will then be able to decide on whether you would like to renew the service or not.

Yes. Multiple local, as well as secure offsite, backups are made throughout the day to ensure that all of your records are safe.

Canadians have the legal right to their health records, but physicians may charge for access to your records. Typically it is around $30.

We advise that you get a quote prior to making an order, because there are no pricing standards in Canada for this service. Often, physicians will be willing to provide patients with a one to two page summary of their health situation (Cumulative Patient Profile, CPP). This summary usually includes your conditions, medications, immunizations, and other up-to-date information. This summary will likely be enough to get you started on filling out the information in your CARP Health 360 profile.

Access to your medical records is an uninsured service under the Canadian Healthcare System. Unfortunately this means that fees are passed on from doctors to patients.

Once you start to use your CARP Health 360 account, you will be asked to fill out an online-form that authorizes your doctor to release your record. You can sign this form electronically. Once this is done, the system sends an automated fax to the physician's office to request your records. The doctor sends the records to us and we upload them for you - as a service - to your profile.

Yes! Once you've created your account you can upload any records you already have. If you do not have a scanner available, you can mail us copies of those records to upload them into your profile:

HealthCare 365 "CARP Health 360", 1867 Yonge Street, Suite 905 Toronto, ON M4S 1Y5

Please include your name and contact details (incl. email address and/or telephone number) to ensure that the records get attached to your profile.


Your personal health information will always belong to you.

Once the initial request is made, the time to get information back from physicians is totally variable. Some practitioners are very quick, while others seem to take longer. The process of obtaining copies of your records may take up to 30 days, but we can often get your records quicker than that. You can check the status of your record requests on the Order History page in your profile.

Physicians in Canada are only required to keep records for 10 years from the date of the last entry in the record. Many physicians keep records beyond this timeline. Our advice is always to get a CPP (Cumulative Patient Profile) first and not worry too much about records going way back. Often it makes more sense to be current and then explain any past issues in the conditions section of the portal.

Yes, you can get records from any provider that stores your personal health information.

If you want to purchase additional services (optional), go to menu section Paid Services within your CARP Health 360 Profile. Select the service you are interested in. For faster service, have your
credit card ready. You may also place an order and send a cheque in for payment. Please allow sufficient time for your cheque to process for your new services to commence. In the Memo line of your cheque, please specify the desired service(s). Mail your cheque to our medical partner at the following address:

HealthCare 365 "CARP Health 360", 1867 Yonge Street, Suite 905 Toronto, ON M4S 1Y5



Data will not be erased unless you explicitly request it.


As long as you are an CARP member (paid membership) you will have free access to your CARP Health 360 profile. If you decide that you no longer want to be a CARP member and stop paying the member fees, but want to use the tool, non-member fees will come into place. Please contact for changes [email protected].

Go to my.carp.ca and click on "Forgot my password". We will send you a link to the indicated email address to reset your password. With the new credentials (Email address and password) you can log into my.carp.ca as well access CARP Health 360. You can also access CARP Health 360 via www.carp.ca/health360.

We take our members' privacy very seriously.