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Cold-Q is a natural oral spray designed to help your body fight the cold and flu. The special formula contains herbs that have antiviral, immune enhancing, and anti-inflammatory action.

Feeling vulnerable to a cold or flu? Feeling symptoms of a cold or flu coming on? Cold-Q is designed to help your body ward off the cold and flu viral attacks at the first sign of symptoms. Cold-Q provides immune enhancing properties and perfect to use in environments when you’re feeling susceptible to cold and flu viral attacks, such as at hospitals, shopping malls, movies and when traveling…wherever you’re with people that are sneezing, coughing or show any other signs of cold or flu symptoms.

About Cold-Q
By spraying Cold-Q to the back of the throat, it attacks viruses at the site where they invade. Simply spray 5 times to the back of your throat, repeat 3 times per day – continue until the symptoms disappear. Don’t eat or drink for 30 minutes after spraying.

In vitro studies demonstrated that Cold-Q can inactivate influenza A, influenza B, and more specifically swine flu strains: H1N1 and H3N2 and also HSV1 (cold sore virus).

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