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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 21, 2014 Toronto, ON: The vast majority of CARP members polled have been touched by dementia in their lives – either living with dementia, caring for someone with dementia or being personally acquainted with someone with dementia. This suggests that the scope of the dementia problem is far greater than generally expected; certainly the impact on … Read more

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Senior drivers: ‘Thanks for taking my licence away’


Bob Hogarth was a big, gregarious man with a playful twinkle in his blue eyes. But when he was told at the age of 83 that he could no longer drive, he became angry and bitter. “He was mad at everyone for [him] not being able to drive: friends, family, and the doctor who told him he couldn’t drive any … Read more

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Let’s Talk: Canadian Dementia Care is in Need of a Paradigm Overhaul


Malcolm Young, AC/DC’s guitarist, is suffering from a form of dementia?  That news was shocking this week, especially given that Young is only 61. Boomers who have been caring for suffering parents have been bracing themselves for a tidal wave of new cases of dementia – but surely it can’t have begun already? Have the floodgates opened? Dementia: The Straight Dope … Read more

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CARP Opposes Fair Elections Act, Bill C-23 at Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs


CARP opposed the Fair Elections Act, Bill C-23 at the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs in Ottawa on Monday April 7, 2014. Read our media release on the Fair Elections Act here: VAST MAJORITY OF CARP MEMBERS REJECT FAIR ELECTIONS ACT Susan Eng, the VP of Advocacy for CARP, made the following recommendations on the Fair Elections Act (Bill C-23) to … Read more

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Everything you need to know about the Fair Elections Act


Editor’s Note: The Globe and Mail has put together an amazingly thorough and detailed yet straightforward backgrounder on the Fair Elections Act.  It addresses almost everything you need to know to understand the debate on this issue.  CARP will be making a Committee presentation on the Fair Elections Act and we will make this presentation available shortly thereafter.  In the … Read more

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Support builds for Wynne’s Ontario Pension Plan

Wynne Sousa Meeting on Ontario Solution - Feature image

OTTAWA — The federal Conservatives’ unwillingness to work with the provinces to find ways to enhance the retirement security of Canadians has been a disappointment, says Ontario’s premier. “We’re very disappointed with the federal government in its unilateral decision to shut down discussions on enhancing the Canada Pension Plan,” Kathleen Wynne said Monday during part of her one-day visit to … Read more

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CARP members see reduced voter participation as a bigger problem than voter fraud; want public hearings on Fair Elections Act – CARP Poll™

Profit sharing: I'll cast my vote for that!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 9, 2014 TORONTO, MARCH 10, 2014 - While 4-in-10 CARP members (41%) say voter fraud is a problem in Canada, virtually all say the real problem is voter participation (94%), and more than a third agree the Fair Elections Act proposed by the Conservative government will reduce voter participation (35%) while fewer than a quarter say it will reduce voter fraud (23%). Two thirds agree … Read more

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CARP Submission to the Department of Finance: Strengthening Canada’s Financial Consumer Protection Framework

Financial Data

CARP submitted its recommendations to the Department of Finance on strengthening Canada’s Financial Consumer Protection Framework on February 28th 2014. This submission on consumer protection called for the fair treatment of financial consumers by financial institutions and industry professionals, transparency and consistency in policies and regulations, and easily accessible information to ensure that Canadians are be able to effectively manage and plan personal … Read more

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The CARP Symposium & Job Fair a huge success!

older workers fair

Brilliantly organized under the dynamic leadership of Adina Lebo, Chair of the Downtown Toronto Chapter of CARP and Murray Etherington, Chair of the Mississauga Chapter and their outstanding supporting crew of volunteers, the event far surpassed expectations with attendance for the day exceeding 600. Event co-chair, Adina Lebo said “Attendees represented a wide range of people, including those who may … Read more

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Retirees, Don’t Wait Around for Government To Fix the Pension Crisis

Three piggy banks with retirement savings message

By Susan Eng, VP of CARP Advocacy The key challenge facing the Ontario Advisory Panel on Retirement Income Security is to determine how best to help middle income earners save more for their own retirement. No option is off the table. And no option is the front runner. Any solution must address the chronic under-saving that threatens to reduce the standard of … Read more

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