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Canadian seniors better off but still want to work

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Canadian seniors’ spending power, employment and accumulated wealth have soared, putting them in their strongest financial position yet, a new report shows. But many still want and need to work. Higher incomes and net worth are helping make this generation of seniors four times wealthier than their parents were, and nine times richer than today’s millennials, according to a study … Read more

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Canadians are missing billions, and no one seems to care

Metal Piggy Bank

You may be rich—if only you could find those long-lost investments According to the Canadian Press, there could be anywhere from $4 billion to $7 billion in unclaimed assets sitting in accounts right now. The Bank of Canada alone is holding nearly $1 billion from bank accounts and Canada Savings Bonds, but experts estimate unclaimed assets across the country could top … Read more

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Retirement or free degrees for the kids: Which comes first?: Mayers

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One of the great worries for parents is how to balance their needs for retirement with a desire to take care of their kids and give them a financial helping hand One of the great worries for parents is how to balance their needs for security in retirement with a desire to take care of their kids now and give … Read more

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Retiring with roommates: The merits of shared living as you age

The Golden Girls

The idea of four older, single women sharing a house together was enough to develop a TV series that ran for years and earned critical acclaim. The Golden Girls was a comedy, but retiring with roommates could be a reality for more and more Canadians. A modern-day Golden Girls (or Guys)–type setup has numerous benefits: sharing a domicile allows for people to look out … Read more

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Preventing and Reporting Elder Abuse

(For Financial Abuse and Fraud, click here: Protecting Your Rights & Preventing and Reporting Fraud) National: Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly National Clearinghouse on Family Violence (Public Health Agency of Canada) RCMP- Impacts and Signs of Elder Abuse Alberta: Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Network Contains information, resources and tools about elder abuse … Read more

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Proud of our Progress

Proud of our Progress

Canada is among a handful of countries around the world to have legalized same-sex marriage. Many same-sex couples chose to make Canada their new home when we finally declared that people could marry who they loved. This week has seen massive celebrations as people from around the world descended on Toronto to celebrate WorldPride 2014. It is an extraordinary moment … Read more

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CMA, CARP challenge candidates to adopt National Seniors Care Strategy


  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   CMA, CARP challenge candidates to adopt National Seniors Care Strategy Open letter to federal by-election candidates   Ottawa, Toronto (June 27, 2014) — A majority of the candidates but only two of the three major parties in Monday’s federal by-elections have committed to a National Seniors Care Strategy in response to the CMA-CARP Challenge. The Canadian … Read more

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The Middle-Aged Guide to Growing Up: Tripping The Light Fantastic

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Editor’s Note: “A. Boomer” is the alias of a CARP member who shares his experiences about growing up and growing old every two weeks in the CARP ActionOnline newsletter.  He is back by popular demand from our readers after publishing his first series, the “The Caregiver’s Diary”.  For newer readers who might be unfamiliar to the Caregiver’s Diary columns, they … Read more

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Target Benefit Pension Plans -CARP Submission to Finance Canada

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On June 23, 2014 CARP submitted its recommendations to the Department of Finance on the proposed introduction of Target Benefit Pension Plans for federally regulated industries and public sector employers. CARP raised concerns that Target Benefit plans might be used by federal industries and government agencies to erode current Defined Benefit pension plans. Target Benefit plans can be designed to … Read more

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CMA, CARP looking to get seniors’ care on byelection agenda


The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and retiree advocates CARP are teaming up to force seniors’ care onto the agenda of four federal byelections this month, using them as a trial run for the 2015 federal election. The two organizations’  “Seniors Care Challenge” asks the candidates in the June 30 byelections in Trinity-Spadina and Scarborough-Agincourt, Ont., and Macleod and Fort McMurray-Athabasca, … Read more

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