CARP’s Targeted Benefits Pension Poll Report

CARP’s Targeted Benefits Pension Poll Report

Key Findings May 16, 2014: The vast majority of CARP members have pensions, two thirds are DB plans and just less than half public sector DB plans. The minority agree the proposed Target Benefit Plans (TBPs) are a good idea, and half think they are not, mainly because employers will convert existing DB plans or because no one will offer … Read more

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CARP Premier’s Conference Poll Report

Poll Graph July 26, 2013

Key Findings August 9, 2013: CARP members look to the premiers for leadership on very important files related to health care reform in general and generic pharmaceutical purchasing specifically, as well as setting national health care standards, but they regard the Premiers’ Conferences themselves with some skepticism. Health care files are seen to be the most important priority for the … Read more

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Pensions hit the perfect storm


It’s RRSP time, again! Check the Web. Scour the newspapers. Hustle to your friendly (?) financial institution and plunk down your cash. That is, if you have any. Only 25 per cent of Canadians have RRSPs. The reason more do not is simple: They don’t have the money. Or, they don’t think ahead, being young or insouciant, or both. This … Read more

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CARP Communications Poll Report


KEY FINDINGS   February 22, 2013: Members are familiar and comfortable with online functions, and consider increased online activity among utilities and providers as a positive development, creating faster, more efficient service. They do recognize, however, that those without online access are increasingly being disadvantaged by the move online. It must be emphasized, however, that our poll sample is all … Read more

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Counterpoint, Opinion: Legalizing assisted suicide wrong and dangerous

Gothic cemetary

MONTREAL — At the entry to Paris’s oldest hospital, the Hôtel Dieu, are these words: “To cure occasionally, to relieve often, to comfort always.” Medical historians ascribe this aphorism to Hippocrates, who also gave us our medical oath, an important principle of which is to not kill. And yet a culture of death, frequently disguised as the concept of “dying with … Read more

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Now was the best time to act on CPP-Enhancement – Political landscape may change by June

magic glass

CPP Enhancement is still on the table. That’s the good news. CARP members will be disappointed that the Finance ministers did not agree on increasing the CPP but can take some comfort that they will discuss it further in June. However, likely provincial elections this Spring could shift the political landscape by the time they meet again. This was a … Read more

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Open letter to Finance ministers


December 5, 2012 Dear Ministers of Finance CARP members are calling on you to move forward on your 2010 promise to improve retirement security for all Canadians. In June 2010, the federal provincial and territorial finance ministers acknowledged that Canada’s pension system needed reform and that government had a role to play by proposing a pooled pension arrangement together with … Read more

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CARP Financial Poll Report


Key Findings October 19, 2012: While CARP members themselves are generally comfortable, many have experienced extreme poverty in the past or know someone who has, and they see value in steps which the government can take to prevent this. Two thirds of members live as a couple, say they are financially comfortable and are relatively unworried about the future. Living … Read more

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Press Release: Ontario’s New Tax Credit Keeps Seniors Safer, Reduces Pressures on Hospital and Long-Term Care

retirement home

On October 2nd 2012, Ontario’s Healthy Homes Tax Renovation Credit legislation just passed 3rd Reading and will now go for Royal Assent.  CARP had supported the passage of this legislation.  The Government of Ontario published the following press release on its website: The passage of the Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit Act will allow Ontario’s seniors to renovate their homes so … Read more

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Stephen Harper appoints five new senators, bolstering Tory majority


OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper has appointed five new senators, bolstering the Tory majority in the upper chamber. He is sending Diane Bellemare, Tobias C. Enverga Jr., Thanh Hai Ngo, Thomas Johnson McInnis and Paul E. McIntyre to the Senate. This article was published by The National Post on September 7th, 2012.  To see this article and other related … Read more

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