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Rasouli case chance for Supreme Court to put forward guidelines on end-of-life treatment

January 11, 2013

The Supreme Court of Canada heard the case of Toronto patient Hassan Rasouli Monday, which centres on the complex and ...

Holding Hands

Among Doctors, Fierce Reluctance to Let Go

January 8, 2013

The conversation took place two years ago, but Dr. Daniel Matlock still recalls it quite vividly. You tend to remember ...


Access to care for B.C. seniors shrinking as their numbers grow

August 10, 2012

B.C. seniors’ access to home and community care has declined drastically in the past decade and must be improved or ...


Canadians and Britons Would Allow Euthanasia Under Some Conditions

August 10, 2012

 EDITOR'S NOTE: In the last issue we reported on the Federal Government's  appeal of the British Columbia June 2012 ...


Most Canadians have no written plan for end-of-life care, poll finds

August 10, 2012

Rather than ever lose his ability to think, remember or recognize his wife and children, Dr. Daren Heyland would sooner ...


Teaching doctors a new approach to the end-of-life process

July 26, 2012

              The distraught adult son and daughter are meeting with the ...

Faina Milekovskaia

105-year-old Toronto woman forced to wait 10 years for long-term care told to wait two more

July 26, 2012

North York resident Faina Mileikovskaia has been waiting for a long-term care home for 10 years. Recently, she was ...

Parliamentary Committee Report Concludes Canada Provides Inadequate Palliative Care

December 6, 2011

December 6, 2011-The Ad Hoc Parliamentary Committee on Compassionate Care has released it report on compassionate and ...

The promise and pitfalls of palliative care

November 4, 2011

This article was published by the LA Times on October 24th 2011, to go to the LA Times website, please click here What ...

A different take: a response to our End-of-Life Poll Report

September 9, 2010

Ron Keast, CARP member and also a valued member of advisory community has provided us with the following response to ...