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Retirement Road Sign

Susan Eng on Regina Radio:Mandatory Retirement

December 21, 2011

On December 20th 2011, Susan Eng was invited to comment on the Government's abolition of mandatory retirement by the ...

Dale Goldhawk

Mandatory Retirement Interview with Dale Goldhawk

December 21, 2011

On December 19th 2011, Vice-President of Advocacy Susan Eng was interviewed by Dale Goldhawk on Am740.  To hear CARP's ...

Retirement Savings

What retirement?

December 21, 2011

This article was published in the Ottawa Citizen and variations of this article were published in the Financial Post ...

Tories end forced retirement, decades of ‘age discrimination’

December 20, 2011

This article was published in the National December 18th 2011.  To see this story and to read related stories on the ...

Legislated Age Discrimination Ends – Election Promise Kept

December 14, 2011

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 14 December 2011 Election promise kept: legislated age discrimination ends, Air Canada fights ...

CARP Older Workers Poll Report

December 6, 2011

  KEY FINDINGS December 6th 2011: Among those of our members no longer working, reduced hours and flexible work ...

Mandatory Retirement – federal step forward, Ontario steps back

November 18, 2011

Just when legislated age discrimination is about to end federally, we learn that Ontario firefighters successfully ...

Older Workers and the Labour Force

November 17, 2011

November 18, 2011 – Older Canadians are staying in the work force longer than in previous years. For some, the ...

Parliament Hill Ottawa

CARP at the Centre of Parliament Hill Action

November 4, 2011

November 4th 2011:  It’s no exaggeration to say that CARP is a hot commodity on the Hill.  It’s been a very ...

Canadians retiring later, but living longer too

November 4, 2011

This article was originally published by CTV News on October 26th 2011, to go to the CTV News website, please click ...