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OBSI: Observations from Name and Shame

June 6, 2014

It has now been a year and a half since OBSI started to make public a series of refusals by investment firms to ...

Ombudsman: Octagon Capital Corporation Refuses to Compensate Elderly Investor Client More Than $181,000 Lost Due to Unsuitable Investments

November 16, 2012

TORONTO – The Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (OBSI) today announced the refusal of Octagon Capital ...

CARP’s Submission on Banking Mediation

September 7, 2012

September 7th 2012: The federal government, under the leadership of Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, has released ...

Customers lose and banks win, under new banking conflict resolution rules

August 23, 2012

August 24, 2012 – The federal government, under the leadership of Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, is set to allow ...

Take your mortgage elsewhere, RBC tells customer

August 16, 2012

New banking regulations in perspective: this story chronicles one woman's struggles with her bank's mediation ...

Ottawa pushes for national securities regulator within year

May 4, 2012

The federal government and most of the provinces and territories are currently working together in a renewed attempt to ...

World Bank Recommendations for a Banking and Investments Ombudsman

May 4, 2012

May 4, 2012 – Where would you go if you lost money because a bank, investment firm, or personal advisor gave you poor ...

Ottawa to set new rules for bank mediators

May 4, 2012

The federal government has finally confirmed it will not force the country’s banks to resolve client disputes ...

How Much Regulatory Protection do Investors Need from the Financial Sector?

April 20, 2012

Today workplace pensions are no longer the norm and the Federal government is pushing future retires to invest their ...

OBSI and the National Securities Regulator’s Demise

March 23, 2012

March 23, 2012 – Recent news from the banking and investment world suggests that finding yourself on the wrong side ...