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Shirley Bidnick

Featured letter: Health-care system fails frail Alberta seniors when they most need it

October 5, 2012

Alberta Health Services is not able or willing to respond to the needs of frail seniors with medical problems. My ...

Doris Landry, 84, is a palliative care patient who outlived the 90-day limit on benefits through the Home First progam, leaving neice Charlene Dunlevy scrambling to find sufficient hours of care for her while she goes to work.

Updated: dying woman allowed to keep medical equipment, but care will be cut

October 5, 2012

Doris Landry, the 84-year-old who outlived funding for the “Home First” program, will keep the medical equipment, ...

helping hand

Dying woman outlives her 90 days of home care so CCAC cuts her services

October 2, 2012

  When Doris Landry was discharged from hospital with a life expectancy of one to two months, she entered the ...


Access to care for B.C. seniors shrinking as their numbers grow

August 10, 2012

B.C. seniors’ access to home and community care has declined drastically in the past decade and must be improved or ...


Canadians and Britons Would Allow Euthanasia Under Some Conditions

August 10, 2012

 EDITOR'S NOTE: In the last issue we reported on the Federal Government's  appeal of the British Columbia June 2012 ...


Most Canadians have no written plan for end-of-life care, poll finds

August 10, 2012

Rather than ever lose his ability to think, remember or recognize his wife and children, Dr. Daren Heyland would sooner ...

Faina Milekovskaia

105-year-old Toronto woman forced to wait 10 years for long-term care told to wait two more

July 26, 2012

North York resident Faina Mileikovskaia has been waiting for a long-term care home for 10 years. Recently, she was ...

elderly couple and care worker

CARP’s New Vision for Aging at Home

March 23, 2012

CARP is calling for a new vision for aging at home that addresses the diversity of needs and challenges that Canadians ...

caregiver woman

Compassionate care in Canada: A Global National Three Part Series

March 9, 2012

                  On February 29th 2012, Global News released a ...

Nova Scotia: Palliative Home Care Patients Eligible for Free Drug Coverage

February 17, 2012

Editor's Note: On February 15th 2012 Nova Scotia's Provincial Health and Wellness Department Issued the following ...