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You Heard It Here First! Federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver Goes on Record in Response to TFSA Budget Rumours…

April 9, 2015

Just over one month ago the CARP Poll revealed that two-thirds of CARP members would support a TFSA increase.  CARP ...

What an $11,000 TFSA limit means for your retirement

April 9, 2015

Editor's Note: The Globe and Mail  is reporting that Joe Oliver has hinted that a doubling of the TFSA contribution ...

Joe Oliver hints budget will double limit for tax-free savings accounts

April 9, 2015

Editor's Note: CARP contacted the Minister's Office for a response to this story and asking whether they could confirm ...

CARP Financial Issues/RRSP Poll Report

March 12, 2015

Key Findings   March 5, 2015: Almost all members have tax-sheltered savings, split equally between RRSPs and RRIFs, ...

Canadians Search Through Different Pockets to Fund Health Care in Retirement

October 18, 2014

Canadian health care is a mix of publicly and privately paid services. As the population ages, services such as home ...


Pension Reform Timeline: 2008 – Present

November 15, 2013

CARP has been advocating for pension reform since 2008, starting with a call for a national pension summit and for a ...


CARP is First to Get the Details of Minister Wes Sheridan’s Plan and to have the Opportunity to ask Detailed Questions

November 2, 2013

October 25th 2013: Today, PEI Finance Minister Wes Sheridan headlined the year CARP Town Hall at the CARP Annual ...


CPP: If Not Now, Then When?

November 2, 2013

  The politicians are playing politics with our future and it has to stop. The Canada Pension Plan needs to be ...

Premier Kathleen Wynne speaks to the media in Queen’s Park Feb. 19, 2013. Ms. Wynne’s first week as Ontario Premier was nearly derailed by old scandals from the McGuinty era.

Push to expand Canada Pension Plan gaining steam

November 1, 2013

A provincial movement to expand the Canada Pension Plan is picking up speed, with civil servants drafting a concrete ...

PEI Finance Minister Wes Sheridan is rallying his provincial counterparts

If you want CPP to rescue the middle class, the PEI plan is worth a look

November 1, 2013

PEI Finance Minister Wes Sheridan recently launched a new proposal to change the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) in advance ...