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CARP Pre-Election Poll Report

October 24, 2015

Key Findings In a massive new poll from CARP taken by more than 12,000 respondents, members accurately ...

CARP Immunization Poll Report

October 24, 2015

Key Findings Three quarters of members have or will get flu shots this year, and also got flu shots last year, and ...

CARP Member Profile Poll Report

August 28, 2015

Key Findings August 24, 2015: Members who answered the poll joined CARP, on average, 10 years ago, for the advocacy, ...

The CARP Poll Report: RRIF Poll

July 30, 2014

Key Findings - RRIFs July 29, 2014: While the strong majority of members have (or will have) RRIFs, more than half are ...

The CARP Poll Report: Fraud Poll

April 4, 2014

Key Findings April 4th, 2014: Close to half of members have suffered fraud or know someone who has, and this ...

The CARP Poll: Dementia Poll Report, February 21, 2014

February 21, 2014

KEY FINDINGS The wide majority of members know someone with dementia, more than a third know a caregiver to ...

CARP Fire Safety/Public Health/Reform Bill Poll Report

February 8, 2014

Key Findings - Fire Safety February 7, 2013: Members agree overwhelmingly that fire codes must demand all seniors ...

CARP Older Workers Poll Report

May 31, 2013

Key Findings   May 31st, 2013: CARP members are fully retired and not working for the most part, but some who are ...

CARP Aging At Home Report

July 3, 2012

Key Findings July 3, 2012: One quarter of members use home care, or have someone in their family or who they know who ...

CARP Physician Salary Poll Report

June 15, 2012

Key Findings from the June 4th 2012 Poll CARP members agree that cuts to doctors’ and specialists’ fees are just a ...