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CARP ORPP Poll Report

November 10, 2014

Key Findings Only about one half of members are familiar with PRPPs and few agree they are a good solution to ...

The CARP Poll Report: Political Poll

October 4, 2014

Key Findings October 3, 2014: Members are evenly distributed across the political spectrum, converging near the ...


The CARP Poll Report: Pharmacare

September 23, 2014

Key Findings September 19, 2014: The vast majority of members have drug plans, mostly private sector, and the vast ...

CARP Municipal Poll Report

September 11, 2014

Key Findings Two thirds of members live in cities and virtually all agree these cities (and towns) should have ...

The CARP Poll Report: RRIF Poll

July 30, 2014

Key Findings - RRIFs July 29, 2014: While the strong majority of members have (or will have) RRIFs, more than half are ...


July 15, 2014

Key Findings - LGBT Seniors July 14, 2014: CARP members identify as LGBT at the same rate as the general populace ...

CARP Age Friendly Cities Poll Report

June 28, 2014

Key Findings - Age-Friendly Environments June 27, 2014: The plurality of CARP members live in medium sized cities, ...

CARP LGBT/Budget Poll Report

March 7, 2014

CARP LGBT/Budget Poll Report: Key Findings   LGBT March 7, 2013: While very few CARP members identify as ...

The CARP Poll: Dementia Poll Report, February 21, 2014

February 21, 2014

KEY FINDINGS The wide majority of members know someone with dementia, more than a third know a caregiver to ...

CARP Fire Safety/Public Health/Reform Bill Poll Report

February 8, 2014

Key Findings - Fire Safety February 7, 2013: Members agree overwhelmingly that fire codes must demand all seniors ...