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CARP Winter Poll Report

January 23, 2014

CARP Winter Poll Report: Key Findings   January 24, 2013: As many as one third of CARP members suffered from the ...

CARP CPP/Canada Post/Advocacy/Membership Poll Report

January 10, 2014

Key Findings - CPP   January 10, 2013: When presented with two government positions - one that Canada has never been ...

CARP CPP Expansion/Age-Friendly Health Care Poll Report

December 20, 2013

Key Findings - CPP  December 20, 2013: With the federal government publicly refusing to expand CPP, CARP members’ ...


The CARP Poll Report: CPP Enhancement

November 13, 2013

Key Findings   November 15, 2013: CARP members are frustrated that the federal government will not act on enhancing ...


CARP Consumer Banking Poll Report

November 2, 2013

Key Findings - Throne Speech November 1, 2013: Members see the Speech from the Throne as an election platform, not a ...

CARP Good Death Poll™ Report

October 19, 2013

Key Findings October 18, 2013: CARP members have strongly favoured physician-assisted suicide since we began polling ...

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CARP Pre-Throne Speech Poll Report

October 4, 2013

Key Findings October 4, 2013: The vast majority of members agree the latest Parliament had not finished critical ...


CARP Prorogation Poll Report

September 21, 2013

Key Findings September 20, 2013: Members are not in favour of proroguing parliament, even when circumstances justify ...

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CARP Radical Life Extension Poll Report

September 6, 2013

Pew Research interviewed over 2000 US adults in Spring, 2013 about extended life spans. CARP surveyed more than ...


CARP Financial Security Poll Report

August 23, 2013

Key Findings August 23, 2013: There has been a significant increase in the proportion of members who say they live ...