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The CARP Poll: Advanced Directives Report

February 8, 2013

 February 8, 2013: For the most part members have not discussed end-of-life issues with their doctors but have ...


CARP Advocacy Report

January 25, 2013

KEY FINDINGS: CARP members applaud the organization most for focusing on pensions and home care, as well end-of-life ...

age friendly cities

CARP Age-Friendly Cities Report

January 11, 2013

KEY FINDINGS January 11 2013: Many members identify transportation-related issues as significant accessibility ...

The CARP Poll Graph Nov 2

The CARP Poll: CARP Elder Abuse Report

November 2, 2012

Key Findings November 2nd, 2012: CARP members are as likely to suffer elder abuse as the rest of the population, and ...


The CARP Poll: Democracy Report

September 7, 2012

KEY FINDINGS To download the full report and detailed analysis complete with all tables and charts, please click ...


CARP Aging At Home Report

July 3, 2012

Key Findings July 3, 2012: One quarter of members use home care, or have someone in their family or who they know who ...


CARP Physician Salary Poll Report

June 15, 2012

Key Findings from the June 4th 2012 Poll CARP members agree that cuts to doctors’ and specialists’ fees are just a ...


CARP Bill C-38 Poll Report

May 24, 2012

KEY FINDINGS May 25 2012: The vast majority of CARP members disagree with bundling so many controversial pieces of ...


CARP Investor Protection Poll Report

May 24, 2012

May 20, 2012: A substantial minority of CARP members say they had to lower their standard of living in retirement, and ...


CARP Financial Services Poll Report

May 4, 2012

KEY FINDINGS May 4, 2012: Members have just more than 3 accounts on average at their main financial institution, and ...