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Heat or Eat?!

We couldn’t have done it without you!

CARP members in Ontario were instrumental in bringing about the changes announced in hydro pricing by Premier Kathleen Wynne. Thank you for your support!

CARP members were outraged at the rise in electricity commodity price, distribution rates and additional fees inflicted on them during the last decade and CARP was inundated with calls from seniors facing hard choices as a result of hydro rate increases. Many told us they were forced to choose between eating or heating their homes.

CARP’s ‘Heat or Eat’ Campaign proved successful, generating provincial wide coverage, including headlines in the Toronto Sun and news features on VisionTV and CTV News.

The Barrie CARP Chapter’s ‘Hydro Explained’ event in early 2017 spoke to the hydro-aggravation that rural hydro customers were experiencing.

You visited the campaign website and signed our petition in your thousands. Many more of you directly contacted your MPP as well as the Minister of Energy and the Premier herself.

Last Tuesday, CARP’s Vice President, Advocacy Wanda Morris met with Ontario Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault and informed the government that seniors in Ontario were not going to take it any longer and the government needed to act immediately.

  • CARP called for further reductions in your hydro bills – the government announced total rate cuts of 25%.
  • CARP called for additional relief for our poorest seniors – the government increased the monthly rate credit available (from $30 to $45 for a single or couple) and expanded the eligibility for households with one or two occupants from those with incomes of $39,000 to $48,000.
  • CARP called for additional relief for hard hit rural Ontarians – the government targeted additional relief to those in rural areas.

This is a Big Win for CARP, but our work is not over.

Seniors are still being unfairly punished by time-of-day pricing that penalizes retirees who are at home during peak hydro rates. CARP is looking for fairness for our members and calling for a ‘rate design’ that is fair to Ontario retirees.

CARP will keep up the pressure, ensuring that the promised savings on Ontarians’ bills materialize, and that the province proceeds with improved planning, clarity and transparency on the hydro file.

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