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Expanding Employment Insurance Benefits

Right now, individuals can claim Employment Insurance (EI) if they care for a family member expected to die within 26 weeks. But many caregivers miss work to assist loved ones with chronic illnesses who are not imminently dying. EI needs to be expanded so these caregivers can benefit too.

This Election Tell Your Candidate that Caregivers need a Rebate not a Tax Credit.

Caregivers are entitled to a federal Family Caregiver Tax Credit. But tax credits only help those who pay taxes. Those who most need relief – individuals who have given up their employment to provide care or seniors on a fixed income – receive no benefit. Changing this Federal tax credit to a rebate would ensure all caregivers get the financial relief they

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Caregiver Stories

Todd’s Story

It was on a visit to his mother that Todd noticed that something was wrong. Unpaid bills were scattered about and her usually tidy house, was in complete disarray.

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Barb’s Story

Barb Brzezicki’s mother Stella was only 52 years old when she started to misplace her keys. Soon, it was credit cards, eyeglasses and losing her purse several times a week.

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Norine’s Story

The first sign came in 1969, when Bill and Norine were basking in the glow of their son’s birth. Bill faltered on his way to the kitchen. He lost his balance and stumbled into a wall and his vision went blurry.

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Susan’s Story

Susan was working full time as a Professor of Dance at York University, acting as her husband’s caregiver and raising their young daughter. It wasn’t long before the relentless pace caught up with her.

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My Caregiver Story

If you are a caregiver, how will extended compassionate care benefits help you to support your loved one? Share your story to help us present a united voice to demand more comprehensive options for caregivers. Email [email protected]

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