Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

  • Step 1: Watch our Introduction Video below. See what CARP Health 360 looks like and how it will work for you.
  • Step 2: Become a CARP member, if you haven’t joined yet. Once you are a member, make sure you are registered at
  • Step 3: With your email and password credentials from you can now log in to CARP Health 360
  • Step 4: Complete the first tasks by setting up your profile with your name and address, your emergency information, and your care team contacts (your GP, and most important personal contacts, your medical professionals, your medical facilities). Once you have added this information you can request your records.

Do you have instructions that help me with CARP Health 360?

Yes, we do have a “Step by Step – Guide” for you! Download or print the following PDF to get started:
Part 1: Getting Started (Profile Setup, Emergency Information & Care Team)

The other PDFs will give you further information – wherever you are in your journey with CARP Health 360:

Part 2: Retrieving Your Records
Part 3: Complete Your Health Information (Medication & Conditions)
Part 4: Manage Your Health (Appointments & Reminders)
Part 5: CARP Health 360 Prime Services 
Part 1-5: Complete Guide to Download

How can I be sure my information is private?

Your privacy is our number one priority. CARP Health 360 technology is as safe and secure as online banking. Any of your personal information stored at CARP Health 360 is subject to our Privacy Policy.

CARP Health 360 operates with numerous safeguards to ensure the privacy of your personal information. The portal meets government regulations for security and privacy. We use industry-leading encryption technologies for all data (used by major banks) to secure your information. In case of a breach, data would be unreadable. We continuously upgrade our systems to ensure that we adhere to the most current standards. Your data is only stored in Canadian Servers.

Who owns my health records?

Your personal health information always belongs to you. With CARP Health 360 we empower you to access them, whenever you need.

I forgot my password. How can I access my health records?

Go to and click on “Forgot my password”. A link will be sent to the email address you’ve provided to reset your password. With the new CARP credentials (email address and password) you can log into as well as access CARP Health 360 via

Is CARP Health 360 backed up?

Yes. Multiple local and secure offsite backups are made throughout the day to ensure that all of your records are safe.