With CARP Health 360, you’re in control

Secure access your health records when you need them - anytime, from anywhere

Complete portability - great for frequent travelers, and snowbirds.

Provide emergency access to your records to caregivers and loved ones.

Easily track and manage your complete health - prescriptions, refills, and medical appointments

Your Health. Your Way.

How to use CARP Health 360

Dental Records


Prescriptions & Medications

Medical Receipts

GP & Specialist Records

Eye Prescriptions

Allergy Information

Emergency Info

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!

Taking care of your health is important NOW. Become a CARP member today and access CARP Health 360.

Included in your CARP membership:

  •  Free access to CARP Health 360 ($60 annual value)
  •  Become part of Canada’s leading advocacy association for aging Canadians
  •  Access over 100 health, lifestyle, travel, entertainment and, insurance benefits with your membership card

Already a CARP Member?

Here are the next steps to take to access CARP Health 360:


Register at my.CARP.ca


Go to carp.ca/health360 and
log in with your new CARP credentials (email and password)


Set up your CARP Health 360 profile and request your records (Full service set-up and record retrieval available)

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