Stay safe on your stairs while remaining active and save $150.

From AssiStep

Introducing the World’s Only STAIRWALKER! We truly believe that Activity is Medicine!

The AssiStep is a unique solution to help you climb the stairs confidently and safely that represents a new category of stair travel, a STAIRWALKER !

Developed and manufactured in Norway, the Assistep has been helping people live safely in their homes for over 7 years and has helped over 2000 users worldwide.

The consequences of falling in your own home can be significant. For this reason, many will avoid climbing the stairs unnecessarily.

However, although using the stairs may be a challenge and barrier in everyday life, using the stairs is also an excellent way to stay physically active. Unlike other devices designed for safe ascending and descending of the stairs, the Assistep considers the benefit of exercise and activity of the user while providing a safe means to support the user as they descend their stairs

Using a sturdy handrail and an ergonomic handle, you simply slide it along as you ascend or descend the stairs. The Assistep will support you, one step at a time.

Assistep qualifies for federal and provincial tax credits under home safety modifications.