*TORONTO* – Save 25% off the ticket price to visit “Beyond Monet”

From Beyond Monet

Beyond our gaze is Monet.

People of all ages can be part of every brushstroke as Monet’s artwork comes to life in front of their very eyes. Guests can become one with the paintings as projections of Monet’s pieces swirl around, transforming the space into an ethereal representation of his life’s work. His artwork expands beyond the framed canvases through music, sound effects and scenography that will awaken the senses and create a captivating atmosphere. Beyond Monet promises to break conventions with this spectacular audio-visual journey through impressionism. In Monet’s vision lies an incandescent world without a shore, a world of fleeting and effervescent reflections. Beyond our gaze is Monet. C.A.R.P. members receive a 25% off discount on tickets.* See you there!

Metro Toronto Convention Centre
255 Front St W
Toronto, ON M5V 2W6

*VIP tickets are excluded from discount.