Stay in touch with loved ones with the best of three rates, less 5% thanks to ComparAction. Plus get a FREE CARP membership upon enrollment!

From ComparAction

ComparAction acts as your personal shopper for home long distance savings. Each month, they compare your long distance calling patterns against plans from three of Canada’s top phone companies – including your own.

Each month, ComparAction calculates, compares, and selects the lowest cost plan from three long distance plans offered by Rogers, Primus and your local telephone company. You’re never locked intoany one of the three plans so you’ll benefit from the one that best meets your needs each month. As your long distance calling pattern changes, the plan we select for you will reflect that change, ensuring that you always get the lowest of the three plans plus an additional 5% discount. Each and every month.

Furthermore, with ComparAction, you only pay the network and plan fees for the lowest cost plan in any given month if you have made long distance calls that month.

It’s easy to review, easy to save and easy to pay!

ComparAction will send you monthly, itemized statements, detailing all your long distance calls – and your savings

As an added bonus, when you sign up with ComparAction, you will automatically receive a one year CARP membership – ABSOLUTELY FREE! Your free membership also includes a subscription to Zoomer magazine, as well as access to all the special programs and benefits CARP provides its members

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