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From Sparrow

Discover the value of homesharing

As we age, many of us dream of remaining in the homes and neighbourhoods we’ve come to know and love. In fact, 86% of urban Canadian older adult homeowners want to live in their homes for as long as possible.

Homesharing presents a viable solution to help achieve this – where hosts rent out spare bedrooms in their home to like-minded long-term housemates in exchange for rent (and possibly added help around the house).

People from around the world are turning to homesharing as a way to reduce housing costs, enhance quality of life, and build meaningful connections.

At Sparrow, our turnkey homesharing service helps you find, connect, and match with a verified pool of potential housemates to consider renting out a spare room to.

The benefits of Sparrow homesharing:

  • Earn up to $1,200 extra income each month to cover rising living costs
  • Enjoy the companionship of a like-minded housemate
  • Stay in the home and community you love and avoid downsizing
  • Reduce the burden and stress of home maintenance
  • Play a role in solving Canada’s housing crisis

If you have a spare bedroom and are interested in homesharing, we invite you to join Sparrow today. CARP members receive a $50 discount on Sparrow homesharing services.