Exclusive plans for CARP Members, phones starting at $0, plus 10% off your monthly phone plan fees and FREE CARP Membership*.

From Zoomer Wireless

Zoomer Wireless provides a simple, affordable and customized mobile solution, coupled with dedicated and live customer service.

From ordering your phone to learning how to use it, a live customer care agent is there to help you.

Enjoy UNLIMITED Zoomer-to-Zoomer calling Canada-wide*, with friends and loved ones who are on the Zoomer Wireless network! Refer a friend today, and you could also split a $50 referral credit*.

Simple plans start as low as $16.20/month*, and plans from $19.80/month* includes Canada-wide calling, international messaging, and voicemail, call display and name display. With our basic and smartphone devices starting at just $0*, Zoomer Wireless keeps you connected how you want, when you want and at the price you want.

Want more? Zoomer Wireless is committed to providing easy-to-use phones that offer the features and security you’re looking for.

Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy J3 are handy because they allow you to communicate with family and friends in many ways – you can text to ask a question, send a picture to show your latest adventure, or share your “status” to join in on social media fun. You can also try new apps that help you find recipes, track your sleep and diet, or shop from the comfort of your home. There’s an app for virtually anything! On the other hand, if you would mostly be talking or texting and prefer flip phones for basic functionality, the Doro PhoneEasy 626 is a great choice that is easy-to-use and solid in quality. It has a good camera for capturing pictures and memories, and is hearing aid compatible and compact to carry everywhere.


Once you’ve signed up with Zoomer Wireless, the rewards last a lifetime. Upon enrollment and every year after that, you will receive a lifetime rewards bundle** including:

  • 10% OFF your monthly plan fee
  • FREE annual CARP membership
  • FREE annual Zoomer Magazine subscription
  • $5 donated to your local CARP Chapter each year a value of up to $130.95/year**!

Zoomer Wireless offers reliable national LTE network coverage, a 30-day money-back guarantee* and the ease of monitoring your wireless usage with My Account. Zoomer Wireless is wireless made simple!

How to Redeem this offer: login in to your MyCARP account to contact this partner.*

*Some conditions apply, visit zoomerwireless.ca for details.

**Lifetime Rewards Bundle includes 10% off plan fees, the annual cost of CARP membership dues, Zoomer Magazine subscription and $5 CARP Chapter donation are provided for as long as you are a Zoomer Wireless customer. For customers who currently have a CARP membership and/or subscription, renewal will start upon expiration of existing CARP membership. For customers who do not have a CARP membership, membership and subscription will start immediately upon signup with the Zoomer Wireless program. 10% OFF plan fees cannot be combined with Bring Your Own Phone discount.