Moses Znaimer

Moses is best known for his outstanding achievements in television, his contributions to the Canadian music industry, and now, for his newest role as a Champion for Canada's 15.3 million people, aged 45plus.

In the 1970s, long before Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, Moses anticipated the popularity of user-generated content. His groundbreaking television concepts, notably Speaker's Corner, Videography, and the Studioless Streetfront Television Operating System were at the core of over 20 independent stations and channels he co-founded, including CityTV, Bravo! and CablePulse24; not to mention MuchMusic and MusiquePlus, which served to define a generation of Canadian youth in both official languages. Among Moses' honours commemorating his visionary contribution to Toronto's urban landscape, the City of Toronto designated a famous downtown stretch of the legendary Queen Street MOSES ZNAIMER WAY.

In 2008, Moses became President of CARP and his first initiative was to remove the bylaw restricting CARP membership to those Canadians 50 and up. Today, CARP membership is open to every Canadian, at any age.

“40-year olds have 65-year old parents,
30-year olds have 80-year old grandparents.
We stand for the solidarity between the generations.”
– Moses

Under Moses’ leadership, CARP magazine was rebranded as ZOOMER magazine and the average readership per issue has increased to 1,500,000 readers. CARP has also expanded its chapter network from 14 to 60. In an effort to connect with each of these communities, Moses launched the CARP National Tour and has since visited chapters from Victoria to St. John’s to present his “New Vision of Aging for Canada” and better inform himself about regional advocacy priorities. CARP events such as these have become a mandatory destination for Canada’s political leaders including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Moses has also been responsible for envelope-pushing advocacy around topics such as the right to a physician assisted death and the legalization of marijuana. These were among the subjects Moses addressed in The Zoomer Philosophy, his 57-chapter treatise that appeared in the pages of Zoomer Magazine.

Moses is the Founder of ZoomerMedia Limited (TSXV: ZUM), Canada's only diversified media company uniquely devoted to creating content, services, and experiences for the 45plus on all platforms: National and Regional Television; Regional Radio; Digital Properties; Trade Shows; Conferences; and the flagship ZOOMER magazine, Canada's largest paid circulation magazine for mature men and women.

CARP benefits enormously from ZoomerMedia’s ongoing editorial, advertising support as well as from participation in ZoomerMedia events such as the annual ZoomerShow in Toronto and Vancouver. The model of a non-profit advocacy Association supported both financially and editorially by a for-profit media company is unique in the world.