Be Prepared for An Emergency

This could be the most important card you have:



Your CARP Health 360 Emergency Access Card is a powerful tool that can help answer important questions about your health history. Especially in situations when you may not be able to speak for yourself.
The Emergency Access Card grants temporary access to your health records to medical professionals in the case of a medical emergency. Make sure you activate this feature in your CARP Health 360 profile!

Help first-responders save your life

Your Emergency Access Card provides first responders with potentially life-saving information about your health by granting them immediate access to the health records you have added to CARP Health 360.
At they can access the summary of your most important health information, using your ID # and the PIN#.

Alerting your contacts in case of emergency

Once the ER Team accesses your health records, your emergency contacts are automatically alerted via email. The system lets them know that you have a problem by sending them an emergency Email Alert. They are alerted to the fact that you may be in an emergency situation and can set the according steps.

Providing emergency access to your vital medical information and records, not only saves time, it could save your life!