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March is Fraud Prevention Month


March is Fraud Prevention Month across Canada and around the world. Financial abuse and fraud is one of the most common forms of elder abuse. Many Canadians have experienced fraud or knows someone who has, and the impact can be devastating on people’s retirement savings, homes, businesses, dignity, and overall wellbeing. Majority of fraud can be prevented with greater awareness and recognizing common techniques and signs.

CARP has updated our Useful Links Page with resources related to various topics, including resources and support lines to help you protect yourself against fraud and other forms of elder abuse. Canada’s Competition Bureau is one of the many resources that provide you with tips on how to prevent, recognize, and report fraud. It is important that everyone is aware of the preventative steps that they can take and the resources available to them. Be aware of the resources within your region and help others also become aware of how to prevent, recognize, and report fraud.