Resources for Canadians as we age

A diverse group of adults and seniors 45-95 years old.

While we advocate daily for better laws and regulations to protect your health and finances, you still have to cope with the shortcomings that exist here and now. CARP is here to help by offering information and protection through our free downloadable e-resources.

Top 10 Tips to Protect Your Life Savings from Unethical Financial Advisors gives advice on to avoid getting duped by the person you are paying to manage your money.

Our Get Scam Smart Guide features information and advice from trusted CARP expert, Sergeant John Mecher, of the Financial Crime Unit of the RCMP. The Guide answers questions like:

What scams are out there? Am I being scammed? What is the CRA Scam? What is the Immigration Scam? What is the Romance Scam? How do I protect myself from being scammed? How do I report a scam?

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Updated: June 12, 2017