Resources to Empower You

While CARP advocates for better laws and regulations to protect your health and finances, you still have to cope with the shortcomings that do exist. We’re here to help by offering information and empowering you through our free downloadable e-resources.


Elder Abuse Resources
Do you need help or know someone who might need assistance getting away from a bad situation? This list of organizations is broken down by province and territory.

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre Resources
Read and download important information on fraudulent activities like phishing scams, identify theft and more!

Are You at Risk? Proton-Pump Inhibitors

Proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) are sometimes prescribed to treat heartburn and acid refux. But what you may not know is that PPIs interact with some common prescription drugs, like blood-thinning medication and has been linked to other serious problems. Download this resource to see if you should be speaking to your doctor about your use of PPIs.

Top Investor Traps
CARP is fighting to protect investors. We encourage you to download this resource to learn about investment pitfalls, shady advisors and how to protect your money.


What’s Your Investment Fee Score
As we age, we have fewer options to make our savings last. But one way is to pay less in investment fees.

That’s why CARP now offers its members a unique online investment fee calculator. Plug in your information and it computes how much money you will pay in fees annually and over time. It gives you a personalized “T-Rex Score”, or the total percentage of your investment returns you actually get to keep. More tools to help plan retirement security to come!


Get Scam Smart

This guide features information and advice from trusted CARP expert, Sergeant John Mecher, of the Financial Crime Unit of the RCMP. The Guide answers questions like:

  • What scams are out there?
  • Am I being scammed?
  • What is the CRA Scam?
  • What is the Immigration Scam?
  • What is the Romance Scam?
  • How do I protect myself from being scammed?
  • How do I report a scam?

Coming Soon: CARP members will soon have an all-access pass to updates about scams and frauds. In the coming months, you’ll be able to sign-up for daily scam notifications on your phone or email. In the meantime, download CARP’s Get Scam Smart Guide. It offers top intel on the Romance Scam, CRA Scam and many more.


Impact Report

This is CARP’s report card, an annual review at a glance. It contains all the big wins that we’ve fought for as the largest advocacy association in Canada, as well as our top priorities for 2018. Take a look at what you have helped us accomplish!


Your Community

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Updated: June 20, 2018