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Are Residents in Long-Term Care Homes Safe?

Residents need protection from abuse in Long-Term Care Homes

CARP, Canada’s largest advocacy group for older Canadians calls abuse in long-term care homes ‘a growing crisis.’ On June 26th, under pressure from CARP and other advocacy groups, the Ontario Government Announced an Independent Public Inquiry into the Wettlaufer case and the oversight system in long-term care.


A month later, Ontario launched its independent public inquiry by announcing a Commissioner as well as its scope. Justice Eileen Gillese has been asked to inquire into the circumstances and systemic issues which may have contributed to the assault and death of residents who were under the care of Elizabeth Wettlaufer, a former registered nurse in long-term care homes in southwestern Ontario. The inquiry will help get answers to make sure a tragedy like this never happens again. Read more about the details of the Independent Public Inquiry.


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1. Email Your Provincially Elected Representative and demand they make the safety of our most vulnerable seniors in Canada’s Long-Term Care homes a priority. See form below.

Unfortunately, there were 3,250 incidents of abuse reported last year. Sadly, many more go unreported. Please tell the Government to act today!

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