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Tea, cake and mortality? 'Death cafes' popping up in Canadian cities

May 3, 2013

In cities across the country, Canadians are getting together in small, intimate groups to relax, enjoy refreshments … ...

Law, Gavel

Rules governing Assisted Suicide as they Stand

April 18, 2013

Gloria Taylor lived in British Columbia and suffered from Lou Gehrig's disease. She wanted the right to end her life on ...

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8 Phrases You Should Know to Get the End-of-Life Care you Want

April 5, 2013

National Advance Care Planning Day (April 16, 2013) is fast approaching again – and again we’ll hear many voices ...


Medical System fails to engage older patients in end of life care

April 5, 2013

April 5, 2013: Discussing end of life plans with family members isn’t a guarantee your wishes will be followed. ...


The CARP Poll: Advanced Directives Report

February 8, 2013

 February 8, 2013: For the most part members have not discussed end-of-life issues with their doctors but have ...

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Ask the Doctor # 57: Pain Management in End-of-Life Care and the role of pain medications

February 8, 2013

In this article, I will specifically address the issue of how pain is managed with medications. As discussed in the ...


The Three Main Arguments in British Columbia’s Right to Die Case

January 25, 2013

The following analysis simplifies existing laws and the BC claim. The full claim filed by BC Civil Liberties, as well ...

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Stroke victim’s wife fights physicians to keep him on artificial life support

January 25, 2013

As Dennis Daye lay unconscious in Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Tuesday, his wife and physician sat in a hospital ...


A Guide to End-of-Life Care for Seniors

January 11, 2013

Canada's rapidly aging population has sparked a substantial increase in the number of health care and social service ...

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Ask a Doctor: Pain Management in End-of-Life Care

January 11, 2013

Mrs. K. is a 55 year-old woman, married with two teenager daughters. She was diagnosed with breast cancer 7 years ago. ...