The CARP Poll: Advanced Directives Report

 February 8, 2013: For the most part members have not discussed end-of-life issues with their doctors but have done so with their families. In each case, however, the main topics of conversation were DNRs and treatment choices at the end of life. Doctors and families were equally helpful and proactive in this discussion.

The plurality of members have a DNR or an Advanced Directive and almost all have shared it with family. Spouses agree with each othersʼ end-of-life wishes.

Members think cautious doctors and demanding family may be the reason DNRs are not honoured, and many would like a simple DIY DNR kit provided by government.

Members continue to strongly support legalized physician-assisted suicide, although they recognize there is a danger of guardians and caregivers abusing this. Members strongly consider it their absolute right to refuse treatment or nutrition if they wish.

Members say their provincial health systems are adequate at pain reduction and optimizing quality of life, but do a sub-standard job of easing grieving and avoiding unnecessary procedures.

Members are very concerned about burdening their family by becoming seriously or terminally ill, and they fear not having enough information about their options, but are less concerned with being emotionally prepared for death. They expect to learn about end-of-life issues from their doctor and from family (and CARP).

While members generally agree with CRAʼs plan to reduce costs by no longer indiscriminately mailing out tax forms, they are concerned thet many seniors donʼt have access to the internet (where forms are to be downloaded) or that it was done without notice. Most think CRA should rescind the decision and either mail out tax forms or request slips for tax forms to all who filed by mail last year.

In the Ontario Liberal leadership race, members correctly predicted Kathleen Wynne would become premier, and they expect her to recall the legislature, make a deal with teachers and increase funding for home care.

The Conservatives continue to lead and the NDP and Liberals are exactly tied for second place.

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