Elder Law Conference Synopsis, Vancouver, BC

Peter Whitehead, Public Trustee, NSW Australia and Sue Field, Public Trustee Fellow in Elder Law and Anita Smith, President, Tasmanian Guardianship Tribunal all provided key insights into the Australian guardianship models. Dr. Makoto Arai delivered the first International Guardianship Network lecture, discussing the Japanese model of guardianship and the need for increased long-term care in Japan – which has one of the oldest populations in the world.

The conference was highlighted by addresses from speakers such the Honorable Alexa McDonough, as well as media wunderkind Moses Znaimer. Mr. Znaimer has recently become the president of the Canadian Association for Retired Persons, and in that capacity gave a dynamic dinner address followed by questions and answers from the attendees. Attendees were particularly curious to hear how CARP’s new direction would consider issues of “advocacy, benefits and community”.

The CCEL hosts a group of Distinguished Fellows. Inducted to this expert group in 2008 were Graham Webb, staff lawyer at ACE and Edward Boyer, Boyer & Associates, Florida, for their long-time professional and volunteer efforts and expertise in the area of law and aging. Melissa Hunt of William Mitchell University won the Steele student paper prize in elder law this year. Ms Hunt also works at the Centre for Elder Justice and Policy under the direction of Prof. Kimberly Dayton.

Thank you to all attendees and sponsors for a highly successful event. For more information on past and future conferences, or to access conference materials please visit our website at http://www.bcli.org/ccel

Laura Watts
National Director
Canadian Centre for Elder Law