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CARP's advocacy is put into action by a network of regional Chapters, representing our members in communities across the country. Whether it’s hosting engaging events, rallying for change on local issues or mobilizing our national campaigns, our Chapters are an integral part of CARP’s advocacy work.
Our Chapters also serve as a social outlet for older people in their communities, offering a much-needed source of connection and comfort for those who may be feeling isolated or who simply want to share their passion for political engagement with a new group of friends.
Chapters represent CARP’s national infrastructure, through support and advancement of its mission. CARP needs a strong, active network of Chapters throughout the country.
Our Chapters’ leadership and commitment to volunteerism is an invaluable resource that strengthens CARP and its members. Chapters not only provide a means of extending CARP’s objectives and presence at the community level, they are, in effect, “Club Houses” for CARP members. They provide an organizing principle for members to collectively develop ideas and activities; take leadership roles in their communities; promote volunteer service and partner with others.
Chapters facilitate the lines of communication between the national office and members throughout the country and help keep members informed and involved in the policies and priorities of the organization. CARP’s Chapters provide a means for members to get involved in CARP’s mission at the local level, providing a relationship between members, communities and the National programs and services.
Chapters provide a means for members to put their talent, creativity, energy, knowledge and sense of community-spirit to work in the service of their community and on behalf of Zoomers throughout the country.
All of which make communities with Chapters better places to live.

Our Chapters

White Rock Surrey, Chapter 11

Ramona Kaptyn, President

North Fraser, Chapter 12

Billie Helps, President

Vancouver Island, Chapter 19

Doug Jones, President

Calgary, Chapter 10

Doug Martin, President


Saskatchewan, Chapter 59

Laura Ross-Giroux


Winnipeg, Chapter 47

Carmen Nedohin, President

Halton, Chapter 3

Tom Carrothers, President


Windsor - Essex, Chapter 7

Melissa Bloomfield, President


Sudbury, Chapter 9

John Lindsay, President

705 507 6037

Brantford, Chapter 17

Ruby Toor, President

226 922 9883

Ottawa, Chapter 26

Claude Paul Boivin, President


Scarborough, Chapter 29

Renate Crizzle, President


Niagara Region, Chapter 31

Tom Bacolini, President


Mississauga, Chapter 35

Murray Etherington, President


Barrie, Chapter 36

Gwen Kavanagh, President


Greater Bay of Quinte Area, Chapter 39

Louise Warr, President


Brampton, Chapter 52

Rose Marie Grycaj, President

Haliburton Highlands, Chapter 54

Jon Donnewald, President


Nova Scotia, Chapter 22

Ron Swan, President


Newfoundland & Labrador, Chapter 1

Sharron Callahan, President


Don’t see a Chapter for your area below? Consider starting your own! Reach out to us for more information at [email protected].