Ageist Media Attacks on Older Canadians: not to be taken lying down

Given the huge demographic shift that is occurring and the changing face of aging, it could be time to call for another large scale Task Force to eliminate age stereotyping from the media. After all, we have established that ageism is not only unpleasant, it actually has the potential to shorten lifespan. As the Yale study authors concluded “If a previously unidentified virus was found to diminish life expectancy by over 7 years, considerable effort would probably be devoted to identifying the cause and implementing a remedy. In this case, one of the likely causes is known: socially sanctioned denigration of the aged.”

Here’s what you can do:

Complain if you see or hear something you think is ageist, (remember that the process is complaints driven so if you don’t, ageism will continue to prevail.)

Send a copy to CARP. We have something in mind for the worst offenders. Stay tuned for more information…