Who's zooming who?

Sarah Thomson opened with a good power-of-positive-thinking story about going on walks with her ill and elderly father, and she continued to portray a business-minded confidence without coming off as strictly dollars and cents. That said, her emphasis on planning and inclusive government was encouraging, if a little vague.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding, and at the conclusion of the debate, CARP released a poll of the 300 or so people who came out. Before the debate, 39 per cent of the attendees said they were undecided about who they would vote for, with Smitherman and Rossi topping those decided with 18 and 17 per cent respectively. After the debate, it was a whole different story, as Smitherman posted 43 per cent to Rossi’s 22. Undecided still remained high (17 per cent), followed by Ford (7), Pantalone (6) and Thompson (3). The most important issue facing Toronto, according to the Zoomer crowd, is the city budget.

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