Omnibus Budget Bill Would Go Down Smoother in Pieces

Breaking up the bill would allow for further deliberations on the substance of the provisions. As opposition leader Harper said at the time:

“… [not breaking up the Bill] will cause fairly serious difficulties in Committee. This bill will ultimately go to only one Committee of the House, a Committee that will inevitably lack the breadth of expertise required for consideration of a bill of this scope. Furthermore, the workload of that Committee will be onerous and it will be very difficult to give due consideration to all relevant opinion.”

He’s absolutely correct but that is what will occur on Monday when Parliament votes to refer the Omnibus Budget Bill to just one committee, the finance subcommittee.

Make no mistake, breaking up the bill and sending it to separate committees may only delay the inevitable. Ultimately, the government’s parliamentary majority allows it to control the votes on the committees as well as in the House of Commons.

That is, UNLESS your own member of parliament thinks it might be worth reconsidering and govern him or herself accordingly in Monday’s vote.

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