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What ‘Back to School’ means for grandparents

August 28, 2020

As school boards and parents scramble to plan for children to return to class next month, anxiety is running high for ...

Campaign: Long-term care

Restrictions on long-term care visits can hurt, not help

August 28, 2020

In an effort to keep COVID-19 out of long-term care homes, loved ones and caregivers are being shut out as well. While ...

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CARP’s new head of policy combines years of experience with a fresh perspective for unique recipe of success

August 28, 2020

Being both a “new kid on the block” and a self-professed “old dog” at the same time seems like a paradox. For ...

Campaign: Long-term care

BC Seniors Advocate asks seniors to speak out on long-term care

August 27, 2020

The BC Seniors Advocate is asking older adults and their families to share their stories and struggles navigating the ...

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Study shows seniors are better at preventing COVID-19 spread

August 18, 2020

A recent study by the Agnes Reid Institute shows that older people are more likely to follow health guidelines during ...

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Welcome to National Seniors Day

Join largest virtual meeting of seniors on National Seniors Day

August 10, 2020

Today marks the 10th anniversary of National Seniors Day in Canada, but it also represents a much more solemn ...

Campaign: Long-term care

New study backs CARP’s call for better home care

August 7, 2020

A new study commissioned by Home Care Ontario confirms the stance of CARP Members: seniors want to stay safe at home as ...

Campaign: Vaccines

New study shows seasonal vaccinations ward off dementia

August 6, 2020

Research presented at this year's Alzheimer’s Association International Conference showed a strong correlation ...

Campaign: Long-term care

CARP endorses ON Long-Term Care Staffing Study—urges government to act quickly

July 31, 2020

CARP welcomes the Ontario Long-term Care Staffing Study—a key deliverable of the public inquiry into long-term care ...

Campaign: Long-term care

CARP’s Ottawa Chapter calls for transformative culture in long-term care homes

July 29, 2020

CARP's Ottawa Chapter recently published an article about how transformative cultural change will be critical in ...