Save 25% OFF Pillows & Sheets, and up to $500 OFF Mattresses & Adjustable Bases at Ultramatic

From Ultramatic

Ultramatic is Canada’s leader for Lifestyle Adjustable Beds, Walk-in Bathtubs, Lift Chairs, and Mobility Aids.

For over 30 years, Ultramatic has been helping Canadians improve their wellness and live happier in their own homes.

Almost all our products are built in Canada so that we can ensure the highest quality.  Below are some of the unique technologies that we have developed at Ultramatic:

The Pillow-Tilt™:         Our trade-marked technology, that allows you to customize the support for your neck while in bed, or on a lift chair

LumbarBooster™:       A proprietary mechanism that allows you to boost the support for your lower-back while sleeping and while sitting up in bed

Matrix NanoGel™:      A trailblazing pure gel material, for a truly temperature-neutral, pressure-relieving sleep or sitting surface.

SilverGuard™:               A safe, antimicrobial protective layer – that fights germs and viruses – which can be added to selected mattresses

CARP members receive special discounts:

  • 25% OFF All Sleep Accessories (like Pillows and Sheets) ($100 minimum purchase)
  • $100-$500 OFF  Adjustable Bases, Mattresses, or Walk-in Bathtubs (Call 1-866-413-4169 to learn more)





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