Dr. Francis Jean, Founder & President, IRIS The entire staff of CARP was shocked and saddened to learn of the sudden...
Special guest Priscilla Presley will be in town for the festival, and promoting cool new book, Shades of Elvis By...
In the name of getting tax money out of us sooner, the Government of Canada continues to force retirees to outlive...
Metal Piggy Bank
You may be rich—if only you could find those long-lost investments According to the Canadian Press, there could be...

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Key Findings - LGBT Seniors July 14, 2014: CARP members identify as LGBT at the same rate as the general populace 65 years and older, and are just as likely to know someone who is gay, but they are about half as likely to have a... read more »
mztv museum
It's been called "a must visit for TV fans and history buffs", "a techno-temple for the ages",  and "a heavenly shrine to the art of TV technology." And CARP Members Get in Free! Collecting televisions has been a lifelong passion... read more »
Dementia expert, Karen Tyrell, offers answers to www.carp.ca visitors for their situation-specific questions.  Karen is a dementia consultant who can point you in the right direction, giving quick insight and personalized answers to help... read more »

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Diverse Boomers 1
July 14th, 2014: CARP was interviewed for the July 14th, 2014 edition of the Globe and Mail.  The article says that even though the wealth of seniors has increased, many still need and want to work well into what would traditionally... read more »
Metal Piggy Bank
You may be rich—if only you could find those long-lost investments According to the Canadian Press, there could be anywhere from $4 billion to $7 billion in unclaimed assets sitting in accounts right now. The Bank of Canada alone... read more »
Piggy Bank with retirement savings message
One of the great worries for parents is how to balance their needs for retirement with a desire to take care of their kids and give them a financial helping hand One of the great worries for parents is how to balance their needs for... read more »
  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   CMA, CARP challenge candidates to adopt National Seniors Care Strategy Open letter to federal by-election candidates   Ottawa, Toronto (June 27, 2014) —   A majority of the candidates but only... read more »
The e-mail was just one of thousands that have arrived in Steven Fletcher’s inbox since the Winnipeg MP embarked three months ago on a bid to reopen the debate around physician-assisted death. The writer said she suffered... read more »
April and Advocate
CARP's British Columbia representative, April Lewis, took the opportunity to "pin" BC Seniors Advocate at a recent event hosted by the United Way Semiahmoo Seniors Planning Table. April welcomed Ms. Mackenzie as an honorary member.... read more »
What age were you when you realized the beauty of a nap? 30? 40? 50? Can’t remember because you were tired? I don’t know when I first felt the warm embrace of an afternoon nap. I’m not a great sleeper at night, by noon I’m... read more »
The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and retiree advocates CARP are teaming up to force seniors’ care onto the agenda of four federal byelections this month, using them as a trial run for the 2015 federal election. The two... read more »
Retirement Savings
It’s been a long time coming. Five years ago, during the midst of the financial crisis, the federal government introduced a new Task Force on Financial Literacy which recommended “urgent action on a national strategy to strengthen... read more »
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Follow ZoomerMedia’s Marilyn Lightstone as she travels to Israel this summer to bring you first-hand coverage of this culturally-rich country. Read below for letters to Canadian winemaker, Don Ziraldo and dear friends. Part 4: Dear... read more »