Access to High-Dose Flu Vaccine in Canada

Influenza (Flu) Vaccine Funding by Province and Territory

It’s that time of year again.  Flu Season.  While for some, developing the flu can be a nuisance, for some it can be much more serious.  In fact, those over 65 are at risk for serious complications from the flu and account for 70% of flu-related hospitalizations and 90% of flu-related deaths.

The National Advisory Committee on Immunizations (NACI) is a trusted body our governments look to for guidance. NACI recommends the high-dose flu vaccine (quadrivalent) for all Canadians over 65, proven to be over 24% more effective for seniors.  Unfortunately, not all provinces and territories currently fund the high-dose quadrivalent flu vaccine.

If you are in a province or territory without a free high dose flu vaccine, contact your elected officials. Your province or territory should be funding the best vaccines Canada has available.  Join CARP in demanding best-in-class vaccines for all Canadian seniors. Your health depends on it.

In addition to the funding of the High-Dose Quadrivalent Vaccine, the Quadrivalent Vaccine (which protects again 4-strains of flu) is funded for all 65+ in all provinces and territories. The Adjuvanted Trivalent (which protects against 3-strains of flu) is funded for all 65+ in BC and Ontario.

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Last Updated Nov 8, 2023