Loblaws Reinstates 50% Discount

Loblaws has announced the reinstatement of its 50 per cent discount on last-day sale items. This decision comes just days after the company stated it would be reducing these discounts by a range of 30 to 50 per cent, aligning with competitors such as Sobey’s pricing strategies. The Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP), which has spoken loudly about the increase, is greatly relieved at the announcement.

The initial announcement, made earlier this week, was met with significant customer backlash. CARP heard from many older Canadian shoppers who expressed their disappointment, citing the 50 per cent discount as a key factor in their shopping decisions, especially in these times of rising food costs. The increase had boosted the cost to the consumer of such products by 40%.

The strong feedback was not lost on the company. Responding to the concerns of CARP members and other seniors, Loblaws issued a statement emphasizing the importance of customer and colleague feedback in their decision-making process. The statement highlighted the company’s commitment to its shoppers, affirming that the discounts on items nearing expiry would remain unchanged.

CARP hopes that Sobeys and other grocery companies will follow Loblaws’ example of listening to the voices of older Canadians and setting their expired food item prices also at 50% off.

The cost of living for older Canadians is of great concern to CARP. Most older Canadians have fixed incomes but face rising costs, growing inflation, rising interest rates, an unpredictable economy and retirement savings that suffer as a result. On top of that, the estimated cost of living, upon which governmental supports are based, is outdated.

CARP is committed to ensuring the elected representatives of our government are well aware of the financial realities of older Canadians and what could and should be done to make them more secure. Read more about how we fight for your financial security here.