Malcolm Young, AC/DC’s guitarist, is suffering from a form of dementia?  That news was shocking this week,...
With too many Canadians heading into retirement without enough savings, the debate now centres on what needs to be done...
Profit sharing: I'll cast my vote for that!
OTTAWA — Opposition parties leaped to the defence Tuesday of seniors and students who are worried the passage of the...
CARP opposed the Fair Elections Act, Bill C-23 at the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs in Ottawa on...

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Key Findings April 7, 2014: The vast majority of CARP members disapprove of the provisions of the Fair Elections Act when they are described to them (80%), and fully two thirds disapprove “strongly” (63%). Furthermore, a... read more »
Ontario government is engaging the public to help prioritize the release data, as part of Ontario’s Open Government initiative to become a more transparent and accessible government. By putting data online, the government aims to... read more »
Malcolm Young, AC/DC’s guitarist, is suffering from a form of dementia?  That news was shocking this week, especially given that Young is only 61. Boomers who have been caring for suffering parents have been bracing themselves for a... read more »
mental health labels
I’m a Boomer and I had my mid life crisis at 45, around the time Bill Clinton was being impeached for having his. As these things go, it wasn’t that drastic, I got fed up, pissed off my clients, quit drinking and quit my job. OK, it... read more »
Interest Rates
CARP Mississauga Chapter director Peter M. Wong was interviewed by the CBC on low interest rates on April 16th, 2014. You can listen to this interview by clicking here and clicking on the "Listen" box link : Low interest rates come with... read more »
There are no cars or buses to worry about ... Margaretha Bos and her brother take a tour of Hogewey How is society to look after the ever-growing number of people with dementia? A curiously uplifting care home near Amsterdam may have the... read more »
Powerful, potentially lethal drugs are used off-label to control behaviour among dementia patients at alarming rates in some homes Ontario nursing homes are drugging helpless seniors at an alarming rate with powerful antipsychotic... read more »
Risk. It’s a dirty word in the nursing home industry, and in the face of recent and high-profile incidents – like deadly fires, assaults on residents by other residents and allegations of abuse – governments and nursing homes are... read more »
Dementia patient, 84, spent countless hours in hospital hallways, daughter says The daughter of an 84-year-old Calgary dementia patient is speaking out about how her mother was “warehoused” in acute care hospitals for almost a year,... read more »
Once, there was a tall, elegant woman in her 70's, who lived with a family in the small Flemish town of Geel in Belgium. Her name was Louise, she spoke four languages and liked to discuss the lives of princes. At night she would stand by... read more »
Imagine you start noticing that you’re not thinking or behaving like you used to. You struggle to find the right word; it’s always on the tip of your tongue but doesn’t come out. You’re often looking for your keys. You aren’t... read more »
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