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If there’s an important cause or concern that you think CARP should be fighting for.  Let us know.

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Please answer as many of the following questions – in relation to your issue - as you can:

#1 Reach.

How many people will it affect? Preference will be given to initiatives that significantly impact older Canadians. Is this a national issue, or specific to a particular province/provinces?

#2 Impact.

If we are successful in making a change, how significant is the impact likely to be on people’s lives? In particular, how will this impact the financial and physical health of older Canadians?

#3 Timeliness.

Is this something that is currently being reviewed by one or more governments? Is this something that has received recent attention in the media or may otherwise be “on the radar” of politicians?

#4 Attainability.

Can we realistically expect to effect change on this issue within the next 5 years?

#5 Cost/funding.

Does this initiative require an investment? Will that investment be recovered by savings down the road? What is it likely to cost initially, and once it is in place? If an investment is required, how do you suggest it be financed (for example, by increased taxes)?

Thank you for your feedback! Your input gives us valuable insight into issues that matter to older Canadians . We review each and every submission carefully. Due to limited resources we are unable to respond directly. Please let us know the best way to contact you so we can get in touch if we have any questions or want to follow up Thank you for helping shape future Advocacy Priorities.

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