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CPP-Campaign-Logo The politicians are playing politics with our future and it has to stop. The Canada Pension Plan needs to be increased and everybody knows it. The politicians need to get the message that they should act now. Read more



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Hands Off OAS

On January 27, 2012, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said:“We have already taken steps to limit the growth of our health care spending over that period. We must do the same for our retirement income system. Fortunately, the centerpiece of that system, the Canada Pension Plan, is fully funded, … Read more
2011 Provincial Elections Map of Canada

In the Fall of 2011, Elections were held in five provinces: P.E.I. , Manitoba , Ontario , Newfoundland and Labrador  and Saskatchewan. CARP held debates and all candidates’ meetings, inviting the parties to pitch their platforms directly to our members. Read more.



During the 2011 federal election, CARP ensured that policy makers heard the priorities of CARP members and anyone who care deeply about our quality of life as we age well before the election. Unprecedented attention was paid to our issues because our members vote all the time.   Read more

In an election that was called without any compelling issue, CARP identified at least two marginal ridings in which older voters made a difference. CARP had success with lobbying for better health care including a national pharmacare policy, and Health Minister Tony Clement voiced his support for a Pharmacare program early in the election when asked about CARP’s election demands. Read more

Immigrants face ‘unreasonable’ hurdles with Old Age Security, critics say


Documents needed to prove all the dates they entered and exited the country Branko Sucic has been waiting a long time for his Old Age Security pension. His daughter says the 78-year-old has been faced with a barrage of government demands for decades-old documents ever since first applying for the payments in 2004, but 10 years later she feels he’s … Read more

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Canadians heading for a retirement income crisis

Three piggy banks with retirement savings message

With too many Canadians heading into retirement without enough savings, the debate now centres on what needs to be done to fix this looming problem. The warning bells have been clear, but they are growing increasingly louder: Canadians are not saving enough for retirement, and they’ve got to do something about it, quickly. “I think there’s a broad consensus that … Read more

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CARP extends best wishes to Finance Minister Flaherty and appreciation for responsiveness to seniors’ issues: letter

Jim Flaherty

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 19, 2014 Toronto, ON: Best wishes were conveyed on behalf of the 300,000 CARP members nationwide to departing Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and appreciation was expressed in the attached letter for the significant tax changes implemented by Minister Flaherty. During Minister Flaherty’s tenure, important improvements of particular interest to seniors were implemented, notably: increased age exemption … Read more

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Support builds for Wynne’s Ontario Pension Plan

Wynne Sousa Meeting on Ontario Solution - Feature image

OTTAWA — The federal Conservatives’ unwillingness to work with the provinces to find ways to enhance the retirement security of Canadians has been a disappointment, says Ontario’s premier. “We’re very disappointed with the federal government in its unilateral decision to shut down discussions on enhancing the Canada Pension Plan,” Kathleen Wynne said Monday during part of her one-day visit to … Read more

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Three big ideas to transform the city


Build the city around its people What if . . . . . . Toronto was a city that planned around its people? What if politicians truly fought for the families that live and work here, the young people who go to school and look for work, the parents and grandparents who worry about them and need some help themselves … Read more

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CARP Submission to the Department of Finance: Strengthening Canada’s Financial Consumer Protection Framework

Financial Data

CARP submitted its recommendations to the Department of Finance on strengthening Canada’s Financial Consumer Protection Framework on February 28th 2014. This submission on consumer protection called for the fair treatment of financial consumers by financial institutions and industry professionals, transparency and consistency in policies and regulations, and easily accessible information to ensure that Canadians are be able to effectively manage and plan personal … Read more

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Majority of Seniors Living at Home, StatsCan Study Reveals

HomeInstead 60x345

New figures from Statistics Canada show that 92 percent of all seniors aged 65 and older are living at home, while the majority of seniors in private homes are living as a couple or in a common-law relationship. A long-standing stereotype has been thoroughly debunked with new figures from Statistics Canada showing that 92 percent of all seniors aged 65 … Read more

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CARP’s New Vision for Caregiver Support


Caregivers Need Comprehensive Supports CARP’s latest policy paper, released February 25th, 2014, outlines the current issues Canadian caregivers face, as well as CARP’s recommendations for supporting caregivers. From financial support, workplace protection for caregivers, respite care options for heavy care providers, funding for home care, to integrated training and support for caregivers, Canadians caregivers need more support. Read more about … Read more

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Top 10 Dumb Things People Say About Pensions

Retirement Savings

By Susan Eng A lot of Canadians don’t save enough for retirement and many oppose any suggestion to increase CPP or set up new supplementary pension plans. Here are their reasons: 10. I plan to work ’til I drop! That would be great if you stayed healthy and you always had a job. Canadians are certainly living longer, healthier lives … Read more

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Retirees, Don’t Wait Around for Government To Fix the Pension Crisis

Three piggy banks with retirement savings message

By Susan Eng, VP of CARP Advocacy The key challenge facing the Ontario Advisory Panel on Retirement Income Security is to determine how best to help middle income earners save more for their own retirement. No option is off the table. And no option is the front runner. Any solution must address the chronic under-saving that threatens to reduce the standard of … Read more

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