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Ontario Seeks Public’s Help to Make Data Publicly Available


Ontario government is engaging the public to help prioritize the release data, as part of Ontario’s Open Government initiative to become a more transparent and accessible government. By putting data online, the government aims to stimulate innovation and grow the economy. This can be particularly important to policy makers, researchers, and businesses as they make policy recommendations, inform research and … Read more

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Let’s Talk: Canadian Dementia Care is in Need of a Paradigm Overhaul


Malcolm Young, AC/DC’s guitarist, is suffering from a form of dementia?  That news was shocking this week, especially given that Young is only 61. Boomers who have been caring for suffering parents have been bracing themselves for a tidal wave of new cases of dementia – but surely it can’t have begun already? Have the floodgates opened? Dementia: The Straight Dope … Read more

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Low interest rates come with high cost for savers, retirees

Interest Rates

CARP Mississauga Chapter director Peter M. Wong was interviewed by the CBC on low interest rates on April 16th, 2014. You can listen to this interview by clicking here and clicking on the “Listen” box link : Low interest rates come with high cost for savers, retirees . Accompanying this radio clip is an article of the same name, also featuring comments from … Read more

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Immigrants face ‘unreasonable’ hurdles with Old Age Security, critics say


Documents needed to prove all the dates they entered and exited the country Branko Sucic has been waiting a long time for his Old Age Security pension. His daughter says the 78-year-old has been faced with a barrage of government demands for decades-old documents ever since first applying for the payments in 2004, but 10 years later she feels he’s … Read more

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Canadians heading for a retirement income crisis


With too many Canadians heading into retirement without enough savings, the debate now centres on what needs to be done to fix this looming problem. The warning bells have been clear, but they are growing increasingly louder: Canadians are not saving enough for retirement, and they’ve got to do something about it, quickly. “I think there’s a broad consensus that … Read more

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CARP Halifax on door-to-door sales regulations


Nova Scotia recently introduced tougher regulations for door-to-door sales to help protect older Canadians from potential fraud or financial abuse.  CARP Halifax Chapter Chair, Bill VanGorder, recently talked to CBC on these new regulations. Click the following link for CARP Halifax Chapter Chair Bill VanGorder’s comments (the story begin at 19.15 minutes): CBC News: Nova Scotia, April 8th, 2013 © CBC … Read more

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CPP reform good for seniors and economy in long run: Finance Canada Study


Harper cabinet ministers had claimed pension changes could cost thousands of jobs, but that analysis is deeply flawed, economist says OTTAWA – The B.C. government should support efforts to improve Canada Pension Plan benefits in light of federal documents showing that would boost Canada’s economy in the long run, a pension expert said Friday. The Harper government insisted at a … Read more

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Ontario To Double Seniors Community Grant Program

senior and kids

Editor’s Note:  The Ontario Ministry of Finance issued a press release today to announce their  proposal to double funding to the Seniors Community Grant Program.  The proposed funding would increase the total funding envelope to $1 million  in 2014-15 (it currently stands at $500, 000).  The Seniors Community Grant Program supports initiatives by not-for-profit community groups that help seniors stay … Read more

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The CARP Poll Report: Fraud Poll


Key Findings April 4th, 2014: Close to half of members have suffered fraud or know someone who has, and this proportion has increased recently. Fraud is usually promoted by someone in trust or is the result of a phony investment scheme. More members would seek restitution than retribution from perpetrators, and return of funds is highest on their minds. Most … Read more

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Customer Comments/CARP Member Feedback: “My wife and I lost $45,000 overnight thanks to a broken election promise”

Customer Comments/CARP Member Feedback: “My wife and I lost $45,000 overnight thanks to a broken election promise”

In the last issue of CARP Action Online we published an open letter to departing Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.  The letter was penned in appreciation for the Minister’s responsiveness to seniors’ issues during his tenure.  We did receive many e-mail responses from  members who felt that our missive could have benefited from a more balanced perspective.  Specifically, most of them … Read more

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