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A closer look at our public sector pension envy


Editor’s Note: The following article provides a great overview of the issues surrounding public sector pensions.  Critics say public sector pension plans are unaffordable and unfair and should be wound up. But would it really be cheaper and fairer to do so? Canadians who don’t have a pension often cast an envious eye at their friends and family who work … Read more

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The pros and cons of longevity

The pros and cons of longevity

  Statistics clearly show that Canadians are living longer. While a long life can be a good thing, longevity also brings with it some unique financial challenges on both a micro and macro level. A recent study on longevity by the Office of the Chief Actuary of Canada predicts the country will continue to have one of the highest life … Read more

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Newfoundland and Labrador Paid Family Caregiving Program


Access to home care support is a national issue with different provincial solutions seeking to allow more people in need of care to access support services in the comfort of their homes. Newfoundland and Labrador Paid Family Caregiving Option is charting a new course to enhance long term care and community support services by offering persons in need of care … Read more

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Helpful Tips from Revenue Canada

CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) has a number of online products that may be useful and relevant to members of CARP. They are intended to assist people with their tax obligations and help answer the questions they may have. On the CRA website there is a section dealing specifically with the needs of seniors, which can be found at www.cra.gc.ca/seniors. Lots … Read more

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Do Mandatory RRIF Withdrawals Really Cause You To Outlive Your Savings?

by Renate Crizzle Some seniors are complaining about having to withdraw a mandatory amount from their RRIF’s after reaching the age of 71, or until their spouse reaches 71, if the spouse is younger. The concern is that this will cause them to exhaust their retirement savings faster than if they could choose to withdraw a lesser amount, or not … Read more

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New PIAC Report puts a Price Tag on “Pay-to-Pay”


New PIAC report, “How to Pay the Piper: A Primer on Additional Charges to Consumers in Canada for Paper Billing” Report Calls for Elimination of Paper Bill Fees For immediate release August 27, 2014 OTTAWA  – In a new report the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) estimates Canadians are paying between $495 and $734 million annually in fees for monthly … Read more

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It’s a Win! Federal Government to outlaw “pay-to-pay” billing

Woman Shouting with Bullhorn

Editor’s Note: CARP has been very active on the “pay-to-pay” file.  Over the past few years many companies began making paperless billing the default method and charging customers  fees in order to continue mailing them their bills.  While the standard fee, $2 per bill may not have seemed like a lot this trend really did add up when considering that … Read more

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CARP Municipal Poll Report


Key Findings Two thirds of members live in cities and virtually all agree these cities (and towns) should have recall power over mayors and councilors. Most see this recall power being exercised by a simple majority of council. Two thirds do not agree Canadian municipalities currently have enough tools to deal with wrongdoing by elected officials. While the majority agree … Read more

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Despite OAS eligibility shift, record expenditures by 2033: Chief Actuary

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Editor’s Note: On August 29th, 2014 iPolitics published a story about the new Parliamentary Budget Officer’s latest report.  The 12th triennial report of the chief acturay was tabled in the House of Commons in late August.  It states that the expected expenditures on OAS as a percentage of GDP will surpass the record high reached in the 1990s in less … Read more

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The Middle-Aged Guide to Growing Up: Bush League


By A. Boomer A. Boomer is a CARP member who shares his experiences growing up middle aged, every two weeks in the CARP ActionOnline newsletter. He is back by popular demand with his new blog, The Middle Aged Guide to Growing Up, after completing his previous blog, the Caregiver’s Diary, which concluded upon the death of the parents for whom … Read more

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