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The pros and cons of longevity

The pros and cons of longevity

  Statistics clearly show that Canadians are living longer. While a long life can be a good thing, longevity also brings with it some unique financial challenges on both a micro and macro level. A recent study on longevity by the Office of the Chief Actuary of Canada predicts the country will continue to have one of the highest life … Read more

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Our laws have not kept pace with Canadian views on assisted death

old hands

Editor’s Note:  This author was a guest panelist on CARP’s  medically assisted dying panel which will be televised Monday October 20th, 2014.  For more information about the CARP panel, click here.  This article was published by the Globe and Mail on October 8th, 2014.  To go directly to the article on the Globe and Mail website, please click here.  André … Read more

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De-prescribing medications to improve your health or Which drug can I stop first?

overmedicated pharma

By Cara Tannenbaum, M.D. Geriatrician and Pharmacy Chair in Health and Aging, Université de Montréal. Are you worried about the side effects of the medication you are taking? According to a report released by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, nearly two-thirds of adults aged 65 years and older take at least five prescription drugs and more than 40 per … Read more

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Newfoundland and Labrador Paid Family Caregiving Program


Access to home care support is a national issue with different provincial solutions seeking to allow more people in need of care to access support services in the comfort of their homes. Newfoundland and Labrador Paid Family Caregiving Option is charting a new course to enhance long term care and community support services by offering persons in need of care … Read more

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CARP Assisted Dying Poll Report

CARP Assisted Dying Poll Report

Key Findings October 17, 2014: The vast majority of CARP members approve of legalizing assisted dying, and they have for years, no matter how the question is asked. Agreement is increasing in recent years, as well. Two thirds of members would consider assisted dying for themselves if they were terminally ill, and a fifth know someone who has had assistance … Read more

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Supreme Court to rule soon if assisted suicide is a human right

supreme court

The Globe and Mail has published the following article on the state of right to die legislation in Canada as it stands on the eve of the Supreme Court hearing that will be held on October 15th, 2014.  The article provides a detailed review of where we currently stand and the arguments being made by both sides in this debate.  … Read more

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CARP’s Flags Raised Across the Country

CARP-Cake-CHristy Clarke-Flag Raising

Happy National Seniors Day! On October 1st 2014, CARP Chapters across the country raised CARP flags at their city halls and in their communities to celebrate National Seniors Day. Many chapters invited their local elected leaders and representatives to join the flag raising events to recognize the valuable contributions of older Canadians and the need to improve the quality of … Read more

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CARP hosts An Adult Conversation on Medically Assisted Dying: To be Aired on The Zoomer on October 20th


  CARP held an adult conversation on medically assisted dying on September 26, 2014. It was filmed as a special episode for The Zoomer, which will be aired on Vision TV on October 20, 2014. The conversation called for Canadians and politicians to have adult conversations on end of life and medically assisted dying, an important issue many Canadian families … Read more

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Roadmap to a Rational Pharmacare Policy in Canada

Roadmap to a Rational Pharmacare Policy in Canada

The consensus supporting universal pharmacare has expanded, yet government action has been minimal in addressing the increasing costs and uneven access to drugs. Unlike most countries with universal healthcare, drugs in Canada are largely paid for privately, either through private insurance or out-of-pocket. In A Roadmap to a Rational Pharmacare Policy in Canada, a report written by Marc-André Gagnon, an … Read more

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Dementia and Wandering, how technology can help us.

Hello,   Here are some interesting articles regarding Dementia and wandering.  It tells us about some different technology which can help us to be located if we wander.  They tells us the pro’s and con’s of each item.   It is a concern for family members who know someone who has Dementia and do wander as we do not want something to … Read more

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