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Shifting Focus: A Guide to Understanding Dementia Behaviour.

by Renate Crizzle In June of this year the Seniors Care Network, formerly known as the Regional Specialized Geriatric Services, funded by the Central East Local Health Integration Network (CeLHIN) hosted the first annual regional conference focused on health care for seniors . This event provided an opportunity for 170 health care providers and researchers to discuss and present health … Read more

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Special Event – Chapter 47 HOSTS Forum on Healthy Living & Seniors Manitoba Initiative

Healthy Living and Seniors Forum The Manitoba Progressive Conservative Caucus has extended an invitation to meet with CARP executives and membership to introduce themselves, and to engage in a discussion of issues relevant to the needs of seniors in both Winnipeg and Manitoba. The discussion can be open-ended, and can consist of anything from transportation, housing, maintaining independent lifestyles, funding … Read more

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Living Well with Dementia: Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Loved One

by Romina Oliverio With the warm weather finally here, many of us are heading outdoors to soak in the sun and warmth. For people living with dementia, spending time outside can improve quality of life and increase physical, emotional, and cognitive well being. When planning, keep in mind your loved one’s favourite activities and personalize accordingly. Not every activity suggested … Read more

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CARP and the CMA Host Roundtable During Council of the Federation meeting in Charlottetown, PEI

Susan with PEI’s Premier Robert Ghiz, host of 2014 Council of the Federation meetings, and Frank Swedlove, President of Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association

CARP recently visited Charlottetown, PEI to raise seniors health care as a priority in parallel to the Premiers’ Council of the Federation meeting in Charlottetown. CARP co-hosted with the Canadian Medial Association (CMA) a seniors roundtable, which brought together various experts, politicians, and members of the public to discuss the importance a national senior’s strategy. Many important elements of a … Read more

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Canadians want Ottawa to take bigger role in guiding public health, survey shows

Canadian Healthcare

On August 26th, 2014, The Globe and Mail published an article on the latest Nanos Research survey that said a vast majority of Canadians, 83% in fact, agree that the federal government aught to take a leadership role in Canadian public health care.   What follows is an excerpt from the Globe article.  Click here to read the full article via … Read more

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CARP Municipal Poll Report


Key Findings Two thirds of members live in cities and virtually all agree these cities (and towns) should have recall power over mayors and councilors. Most see this recall power being exercised by a simple majority of council. Two thirds do not agree Canadian municipalities currently have enough tools to deal with wrongdoing by elected officials. While the majority agree … Read more

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The Power of Snow

Teepa Snow

Editor’s Note: We would like to introduce a wonderful website for caregivers, especially carers whose loved one might be suffering from cognitive difficulties such as Alzheimer’s. The article below is one of many useful and informative articles they have published, many fascinating pieces can be found at: AlzLive.com. We also highly recommend watching any of Teepa Snow’s (free) online training … Read more

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How a national drug plan can boost the Canadian economy


Canadians pay among the highest costs per capita among OECD countries for prescription drugs, with one Canadian out of 10 unable to fill their prescriptions because of financial reasons. Marc-Andre Gagnon, Expert Advisor for the EvidenceNetwork.ca and assistant professor with the school of public policy and administration at Carlton University has written a fascinating article on the public and private … Read more

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Medically assisted suicide, Interview with CARP’s Susan Eng

Susan Eng Toronto Star

Canada’s doctors say they’re grappling with the challenges of meeting the needs of patients at end of life.  The quality of end of life care was the focus of a conversation this morning as the annual meeting of the Canadian Medical Association continues in Ottawa. CARP VP of advocacy Susan Eng was in the meeting and told AM 740/Classical 96.3FM … Read more

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CARP in Ottawa, Advocating for Seniors Care


CMA General Council – Physicians’ Changing Views on End-of-Life Care CARP attended the Canadian Medical Association’s annual General Council meeting in Ottawa that gathered physicians from across the country on August 17th-18th. End-of-life care was one the featured topics at the General Council, providing an in-depth discussion that revealed the changing perspectives of physicians across Canada. Although the CMA’s policy … Read more

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