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The Advocacy Centre for the Elderly’s Take on the Star’s Antipsychotic Drug Use in LTC Report

The Advocacy Centre for the Elderly’s Take on the Star’s Antipsychotic Drug Use in LTC Report

Editor’s Note: In April 2014, CARP Action online re-published a very important investigative report by the Toronto Star. The report exposed some shocking revelations about the rampant use of powerful antipsychotics in Ontario nursing homes. The Toronto Star’s investigation found that many seniors are being drugged and sedated with medications that are sometimes being used off-label and that have been … Read more

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Key Findings – LGBT Seniors July 14, 2014: CARP members identify as LGBT at the same rate as the general populace 65 years and older, and are just as likely to know someone who is gay, but they are about half as likely to have a gay family member. On the other hand, they are more likely than the general … Read more

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Ask the Doctor: Aging, Quality of Life, and Pain

mourning 2

According to recent statistics the number of persons >60 in the world, will double from 756 to 1400 million by 2030. The impact will be particularly substantial for European countries, North America and Japan. For example, in Italy by 2050, 34.6% of population will be >65. While certain conditions occur exclusively in older individuals, some diseases starting from a younger … Read more

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Preventing and Reporting Elder Abuse

(For Financial Abuse and Fraud, click here: Protecting Your Rights & Preventing and Reporting Fraud) National: Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly National Clearinghouse on Family Violence (Public Health Agency of Canada) RCMP- Impacts and Signs of Elder Abuse Alberta: Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Network Contains information, resources and tools about elder abuse … Read more

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Highlights of CARP’s Current Work 
 And How They Affect You


June 2014 Pension Reform  The Ontario government introduced its 2014 Budget the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP), based on key features CARP has been advocating for years, including mandatory contributions shared equally by employers and employees, low fees, independent governance, professional management, and ability to allow other provinces to join and expand to a pan-Canadian plan. This came shortly after … Read more

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CMA, CARP challenge candidates to adopt National Seniors Care Strategy


  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   CMA, CARP challenge candidates to adopt National Seniors Care Strategy Open letter to federal by-election candidates   Ottawa, Toronto (June 27, 2014) — A majority of the candidates but only two of the three major parties in Monday’s federal by-elections have committed to a National Seniors Care Strategy in response to the CMA-CARP Challenge. The Canadian … Read more

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Aging with HIV/AIDS: New study highlights unique challenges survivors face

Aging with HIV/AIDS: New study highlights unique challenges survivors face

Maggie Atkinson was 30 and a successful young lawyer in Toronto when she started experiencing unexplained weight loss, fevers and night sweats. The diagnosis came back full-blown AIDS. She had no idea a boyfriend with HIV had infected her eight years earlier, in 1984 — the year before the first HIV test became available, and when AIDS was something happening to … Read more

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New medical campaign Choosing Wisely Canada says less is more


Editor’s Note: This is a guest editorial co-authored by Wendy Levinson, MD, Chair of Choosely Wisely Canada and a Sir John and Lady Eaton Professor and Chair at the University of Toronto’s Department of Medicine and Christopher S. Simpson MD, FRCPC, FACC, FHRS President-elect of the Canadian Medical Association: The variety of medical tests and treatments available in modern medicine … Read more

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CMA, CARP looking to get seniors’ care on byelection agenda


The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and retiree advocates CARP are teaming up to force seniors’ care onto the agenda of four federal byelections this month, using them as a trial run for the 2015 federal election. The two organizations’  “Seniors Care Challenge” asks the candidates in the June 30 byelections in Trinity-Spadina and Scarborough-Agincourt, Ont., and Macleod and Fort McMurray-Athabasca, … Read more

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Brain Booster Program

Brain Booster Program

The Alzheimer Society of Lanark County wants you to SAVE THE DATE for their upcoming Brain Booster Programs in June. These talks vary in speakers and all work to promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy brain. They are perfect for all community members that are striving to maintain their brain and body health. We are hosting the events in both … Read more

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